Vaping & E-Cigarettes – The Alternative

Ok, lets start by saying one thing. Smoking is bad for you. I smoked for over 20 years and one of the best things I ever did was give up.

Giving up smoking is good for some many reasons, the primary one being your health. We all know how much damage can be done by smoking traditional cigarettes. I tried to give up properly several times and even went to the doctor to have tablets in order to ween me off my addiction.

Every time I thought I had given up I had a cigarette to prove to myself that I could have one and still not smoke. It’s a crazy logic I know and you can be sure one a week pretty quickly goes to one a day and then before I knew it I was back smoking again.

Things have changed a fair bit since then (in a good way) as virtually everyone I used to know smoked, this didn’t really help as I was constantly around temptation. The smoking ban in pubs had a big affect as it took smoking out of view and

There’s no doubt about it, if I was a smoker now, I would definitely be investigating the world of Vaping and e cigarette starter kits. A lot of people go on about the physical addiction of smoking, but the hardest thing to deal with is the mental addiction. You wake up, have a cigarette, have a coffee – another one, have lunch another. Your brain associates smoking with certain rituals and swapping from traditional cigarettes over to e-cigarettes allows you to make a transition without your body going into meltdown at specific times in the day.

As far as the electronic e cigarettes themselves go, they work with a battery and a bottle of flavoured liquid. There’s a huge range choose from. How does a nice ‘Blackberry Crumble’ sound for after dinner? Maybe you prefer ‘Custard Creme’ or ‘Jam donut’? If you’re interested there’s a great selection on the Vapester website.

For those smokers who do still enjoy the flavour of tobacco it’s certainly less expensive than smoking cigarettes and they are also available in a number of strengths. It’s very possible to subtly reduce the strength of hit or nicotine each time you purchase a new bottle.

It’s still early days in terms of figures as to how many smokers have given up from traditional tobacco, but the numbers are encouraging enough to see e cigarettes and vaping as a safer alternative on your way to being smoke free.