Brilliant Barcelona – From FC to Must See

When you’re travelling on a city break, especially if you’re limited on time,  you want to make the most of your destination so you go home. You don’t want to return, feeling like you may have missed anything and that you made sure you had a real feel for the place.

Barcelona is a city with a unique atmosphere. Must-sees are many, but we have named your must-dos!


Glorious Gaudí

Without a doubt, one of Barcelona’s top attractions for tourists and locals alike, is the city’s modernist architecture, the works of Antoni Gaudí in particular. Just walking around you’ll come across various examples of Gaudí’s work. The most famous is the Sagrada Família, impressive both outside and in; Park Güell, a space that’s out of a fairy tale and emulates an English garden city; and La Pedrera.

Magical Music

Barcelona has its fair share of live music venues, such as Razzmatazz and Apolo, but the city boasts some beautiful concert halls as well. The Gran Teatre del Liceu is a survivor in splendour, decorated with gold leaf, plush red carpets and ornate carvings. Don’t shy away from checking out the programme, as tickets are not always as expensive as you might think.

Making Footie A Feature

Barcelona has one of the best football teams in the world, FC Barcelona, and a visit to the city is not complete without seeing the team’s famous stadium.  Camp Nou is the most substantial stadium in Europe, the 2nd largest in the world. A tour of is available and, together with the FC Barcelona museum is a must for every Fan yet the most exciting experience is attending a match, something that even non-football fans will enjoy.

The cost of watching football live at the stadium is vital to consider, and before you buy a ticket, it is essential to understand how the ticket distribution system works.

In camp Nou all the seats are held by season ticket holders so, in theory, no seats are available for the general public, but not all season ticket holders attend all matches, and that’s where the free seat system or Seient lliure, kicks in. Every home game the season ticket holders can free their seat if they decide not to attend the match. Once it’s freed, the seat goes out on sale to the general public.

Seat holders receive 50% of the purchase price, which motivates them to release their seats if they do not attend. The best option for most is to buy the tickets online, but be watch out for unofficial websites that offer tickets for sale even before they are officially released as you might find yourself without the money and the tickets.

Picture Picasso

Picasso’s Barcelona was beautiful and vibrant. Follow in his footsteps as you visit the landmarks that shaped his youth. Walk down C/Reina Cristina and then cross over to number 3 on C/Mercè to see where he and his family lived, Take a stop en route, and head over to Els 4 Gats, where artists including Picasso and Salvador Dali, gathered at the time to chat and eat dinner together.

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