Prepping Your Car For A Road Trip

It doesn’t matter whether you want to explore the Rocky Mountain trails or take up on The Great Ocean Road, a road trip is an exciting adventure.

More than that, your car needs to be in tip top shape so that it can handle being on the road for an extended period of time. Imagine the consequences of being stuck by the side of the open road, with no one passing you for hours. The stress alone will put you off long-distance driving for life, even if you have a plethora of snacks and drinks tucked into the trunk of the car.
It’s important to get a jump on these things.

You can pimp your car with sparkly rims, eyelashes on the headlights and a funky personalised number plate, but your car needs so much more than that to be road ready. You have to take matters into your own hands so that you can avoid being stuck roadside. Some of the things you have to do to get your car ready require the use of a good mechanic, so make sure that you have someone ready to help!

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A car’s fluids are as important as a human being. Without them in good working order, they cannot run correctly. You have to ensure that there is enough there for the car to be able to run flawlessly, and some of the fluids inside your car also need to have clean filters to work correctly. There are many different types of fluid in your car, including radiator coolant, brake fluid and engine oil. If you start your road trip with your fluids clean and replaced and topped up, you are only going to help your vacation. It may be cautious, but isn’t it better to have double checked everything than risked running out of transmission fluid? We think so!

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You are planning an extended road trip across multiple terrains. Tires that are worn out and, well, tired, are not going to be right. Your tires tie your car down t o the road, and with overworked tires with a thin tread, you are guaranteeing that your car is going to have some trouble. Check the tire tread is deep enough to withstand the pressures of the road, and check the pressure while you’re at it. If you’re a car novice, take it to a professional to check it over for you. Far better to do that than figure out your car is going to go out of action while you’re driving.

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When you go on a road trip, you ensure you have torches, batteries, matches, lighter fluid and possibly a flare gun in the trunk. The reason is so that you can be seen if you’re stranded or if you decide to set up camp. If you’re willing to go that far for some light for yourself, why not your car, too? The headlights, blinkers and interior lights all need a regular check-up, as fault lights can be extremely dangerous. Let’s not forget, you can be pulled over and fined by the police should you be caught with lights out. If your lights aren’t working, people cannot see you, which means you are a hazard on the road.

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Once you’ve got your car into the best condition possible, you can then focus on what to bring with you on your road trip. You need to make sure that your trunk is loaded with safety equipment – we already mentioned torches, matches, flare gun and spare batteries, but you also need to think about a first aid kit and a road accident kit. Adding a paper map or atlas alongside your satnav is good thinking ahead, because what if your satnav malfunctions and you can’t get the right connection on your phone? Speaking of phones, keep a cheap cell phone in the car that is charged up, switched off and has credit loaded onto it. If your usual phone stops working for whatever reason, you then have a backup option!

You’re about to embark on a long road trip. Adding blankets, drinks, food and games are the bonus items you need to make your trip comfortable and pleasant. There’s no need to panic about your trip if you are well prepared. Travelling safely on your own time and in a direction that you want to go in will be an amazing experience, if you have made sure that your car is one that is in the best condition from the start.