Tech Review: i-eX Beanbag Gaming Chair

If like me you spend too many hours sat on your console or binge-watching TV you’ll know comfort is paramount.

A couple of weeks ago the guys at BeanbagBazaar sent me a beanbag from their gaming range, the i-eX Beanbag Gaming Chair. Once I’d filled it with beans (have the hoover handy or someone to give you a hand filling), I got myself comfy and a few presses and wiggles later I was set, ready to take on the world in the comfort of my new bean filled, faux leather friend.


The high rise support to the back is great, allowing re-positioning from upright to laid back with ease simply by rolling back in the deep bucket seat and since it arrived I’ve used the i-eX almost daily, even the rest of the family have migrated to using it at times, instead of the sofa.

With a foam lining situated in the back to add further structure support to maintain shape and adding further comfort, while the stitching is precise and the piping around the edges gives it a high end look. Manufactured in the UK, BeanBagBazaar also offer a smaller version, ‘The Rookie’, which any kids would love in their bedroom.

The i-eX takes up around a metre of floor space, so make sure you have room – it’s been a great companion for my gaming jaunts, review shenanigans and general downtime.

Visit and grab one down from £99.99 to £74.99.

Or…. come back tomorrow for a chance to win one for yourself!! < watch this space >

Luke Lavelle

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