Tech Review: HTC Wildfire S

The original HTC Wildfire was (and still is) a really good entry level budget smartphone. It’s successor HTC Wildfire S is very much more of the same but with a faster processor and slightly higher resolution screen.

HTC wildfire review

There is not much point having the latest OS system with 60 billion colours and the fastest processor on the planet, if the screen on your smartphone is so small every time you check your email you accidentally phone your cousin in Italy and check the stock market shares price for Unilever.

The 3.2-inch screen on the HTC wildfire S is big enough to avoid these situations although the 320×480 resolution, obviously it isn’t going to be as sharp as displays found on more expensive phones. But saying that it is still perfectly acceptable for those people less particular (or with poor eyesight).

wildfire sThe phone is pleasingly solid, nice and glassy and responsive to even the lightest of touches. There are no actual physical buttons on the Wildfire, instead you have four icons Android Home, Menu, Back and Search from these you can find your way around the phone without too much trouble. I like the vibration feedback response function to reassure you have pressed the right thing.

The Wildfire runs Android 2.1 so for web browsing and general usage the phone is on a par generally with anything your operator will offer you as a free upgrade on your account.

Flash friendly, online it will display sites how they should be seen, and the Friend Stream function is a great way of pulling all of your friends social media updates into one place.

You have the ever growing Android Marketplace at your fingertips and there is a good selection of Apps to fulfill most needs. My current personal favourite is SWYPE. If you don’t have it already ‘Google it ‘and give it a try. It’s a really quick method of inputting emails and text messages.

The camera is reasonable rather than spectacular, but there is a LED flash to help improve on those blurred dark pictures from the back of gigs you usually post to Twitter and Facebook. Actually to be fair in good light and with a fairly static subject the results can be quite good.

Call quality is fine, and very clear if you have decent reception while connecting your Gmail account is a doddle, although I would recommend some sort of security app to keep your details safe if your phone does go missing. Although time travel is now theoretically, human use is still a long way off so do it sooner rather than later.

I’m not preaching.. just do it…

I like HTC phones, the interfaces are user friendly and their designs are fresh. They’ve come from nowhere to compete with the big boys in a fairly short space of time and should be around for the duration.

seven out of 10The Wildfire S isn’t going to attract members the opposite sex or get you a promotion at work, but if you see a phone as a communication device rather than a status symbol and don’t want to spend a fortune either, it could suit your needs very nicely.

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