Record review: Muse – The 2nd Law

Muse return with their sixth studio album, and it’s a bit if a hodge-podge of various styles. Matt Bellamy wasn’t too far off when he tweeted it would be a “Christian-gangsta-rap-jazz-odyssey, with some ambient-rebellious-dubstep and face melting metal flamenco-cowboy-psychedelia”.

Devin Townsend – Epicloud

Devin has always been one to go with releasing what he has in his head, rather than worrying about what the current trend might be or what might sell the most records. His back catalogue over the years is varied to say the least, ranging from the extreme ‘wall of sound’ metal made famous by his band Strapping Young Lad through to Ghost; a very mellow, delicate and altogether different recording released last year by the Devin Townsend Project.

Sponsored Post: How to iron like your mum

I’m not your typical male, as I don’t really mind ironing, I find it quite therapeutic. Now I wouldn’t say I am the best in the world, but I can get at least one side of a shirt pretty flat.

Live Review: Fu Manchu – Ruby Lounge, Manchester

Manchester has little in common with California. Beasley Street’s dirty days seem a far cry from Hollywood Boulevard, where the sun never stops shining. But in the dark basement of the Ruby Lounge, Fu Manchu took to the stage and battered Manchester with a psych-laden sandstorm straight from the desert plains of Southern California.

Steve Vai – The Story Of Light

Steve Vai is the Marmite (other yeast extract spreads are available) of the guitar world. Talk to any guitarist and they will have an opinion to offer, likely to be either ‘stunning, virtuoso talent’ or ‘widdly, wanky stuff with no emotion’.

Film Review: Now is Good

Prior to watching, I had misgivings. Could Dakota Fanning (aka whiny girl “Rachel” from “War of the Worlds” and strange and freaky vampiress “Jane”, from the “Twilight” saga) really pull off portraying a terminally ill British teen?

Film Review: Looper

“This time travel crap fries your brain like an egg,” gruffs Jeff Daniels’ ageing Mafia boss Abe towards the start of Rian Johnson’sthird directorial offering. It’s as much a mission statement of bold direction as a plot contrivance. Setting himself the challenge of emulating and expanding themes established in genre classics like The Terminator, 12 Monkeys and – seriously – Back to the Future, Johnson has intricately assembled a clockwork vehicle that’s very nearly up to the task.

We Are The Ocean – Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow

With the departure of Dan Brown,Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow is the first release with the deep and clean tones of vocalist Liam Cromby, this move while may have disappointed fans, but is the reason this album stands out from their contemporaries.

Win tickets to see Dragonforce Live in the UK!

It’s been a while since Dragonforce properly toured these shores, but the International shred machine return at the end of this month; hunger for performance to be sated and points to be proven.

Game Review: HueBrix

Mobile phones today seem to have to ability to do just about everything: Order food online, take a grainy photo of a doughnut, and even tell you who played Gandalf.

Lady Gaga – Twickenham Stadium

Say what you like about Lady Gaga, but playing London’s GAY club to 55,000 strong Twickenham crowd in four years is pretty impressive. Welcome to the Monster Ball, it’s Rocky Horror for the under 18’s.

Film Review: Dredd 3D

I’m far from being a massive Judge Dredd Fan: I saw the 1995 film and have read 3 graphic novels. I know that good old Sly Stallone removing his helmet was a massive no-no. The trailer for the new Dredd looked amazing and promised a grittier ultra-violent adaptation of the much admired 2000AD’s comic book character.

Enter Shikari / Flood of Red: Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh

Eight hundred-odd punters have rammed themselves into this heaving, long sold-out sweatbox just off Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and though it’s a Monday night at summer’s end, it’s hard to escape the feeling (and constant chatter) that we’re attending the gig of the year.