Sponsored Post: How to iron like your mum

I’m not your typical male (for many reasons), as I don’t really mind ironing, I find it quite therapeutic. Now I wouldn’t say I am the best in the world, but I can get at least one side of a shirt pretty flat.

Tefal Steam Iron

There are certain people though who take it very seriously, I know an Austrian who insist on starting with the collars (I think his Grandfather was in the Army) and his shirts look like crisp skating rinks.

Everyone knows though the best people at ironing in the world are Mum’s, and no-one can iron a shirt quite like a Mum can. The skill must be genetically inherited once you give birth as I’ve yet to meet a Mum that isn’t a dab hand with the hot metal flat thing-y.

It’s the inspiration behind this video by Tefal, to promote the new GV8431 steam generator. The er, girl uses the GV8431 to demonstrate how to iron just like a proper Mum and apparently there are also some statistics to back this up.

According to detailed scientific research women are significantly better than men at ironing and are found to be more suited than men in jobs that need speedy hand-to-eye coordination and verbal reasoning.

I assume when they say ‘verbal reasoning’ that means telling you to “be home before it gets dark” and to “eat up all your peas” before you can leave the table.

Tefal have a competition to win a GV8431 steam generator on their Facebook page, all you have to do is tell them what style of ironing your Mum has. You can enter by going here.

Personally, my Mum pretends to hate ironing, but really I know she loves it. That’s why I travel 15 miles a week to bring her my washing over.

This post is sponsored by Tefal.

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