Game Review: HueBrix

Mobile phones today seem to have to ability to do just about everything: Order food online, take a grainy photo of a doughnut, and even tell you who played Gandalf. One day, there might even be an App telling you that you’ve been on the phone too long, and should probably go outside.

Now, however, there’s an app that can help challenge your mind, and test your intelligence… all through the power of colourful squares. This app is known as HueBrix.

This puzzle game has a very simple concept, but a very good challenge. The object of the game is to drag the coloured squares across a board, so it fills up all the blank spaces, in one continuous line. Some squares require you to move them 4 squares, or even 5, or even more.

On some occasions, you have to work with more than one colour. It’s easy to learn, but hard to master, to quote the usual gaming cliché. I’ve barely scratched the surface of the puzzles provided, but I’m already addicted.

This has a high chance of being a well known mobile game, much like Angry Birds, and Temple Run. The reason for this is the fact that HueBrix hits the three main requirements for a great game: The Triple Threat, if you will: Clever concept, simple controls, and pleasing graphics. Much like making fire, you need all three ingredients or the game will fall flat on its face.

It’s all well and good making a game with nice graphics, but if you can’t give it simple controls, then no one will play it. Thankfully, HueBrix manages to accomplish the Triple Threat.

Nine out of 10HueBrix is a fantastic and addictive puzzler. It’s great to whip out your Brix and have a little play around when you have a few minutes free. I highly recommend it

Platform – Android, iOS
Developer – Noodlecake Studios Inc
For more info visit
(Special launch price of $0.99)