Live Review: Muse @O2 Arena, London

Softer songs like ‘Explorers’ and ‘Save Me’ aren’t as well received as the more glam rocked influenced tracks from The 2nd Law, as most of the crowd surrounded me found conversations about their hair more interesting than the ballads.

Film Review: Rust and Bone

Down on his luck Ali Matthias Schoenaerts) arrives, young son in tow, to live with his sister after his marriage ends. Picking up work as a nightclub bouncer he encounters Stéphanie, a killer whale trainer for whom life changes dramatically following an accident at work.

Clockwork Angels: The Novel by Kevin J Anderson

“….for something like twenty years, Kevin and I had discussed working on a project together that would marry music, lyrics, and prose fiction. The right idea and timing eluded us for a long time, but at last, both converged perfectly.”

Making The Shining Shine: Room 237

Directed, or more realistically composed by Rodney Ascher, the documentary Room 23 is the result of many (many) such viewings. Like the inspirational movie itself, this can be of both stunning insight, and potentially, ever so slightly, maybe a wee bit insane.

Film Review – Sinister

Horror films aren’t my thing to go see at the cinema: I Don’t scare easily and people that do kind of get on my nerves but the trailer for Sinister didn’t seem like your standard run of the mill horror film.

Winter Bummers & Constructive Summers – Craig Finn

The voice of Lifter Puller, The Hold Steady, and most recently, Craig Finn and Some Guns the 41 year-old Brooklynite by way of the the Twin Cities and Boston, is by far one of the most entertaining, interesting and smartest songwriters of the last 10 years.

Madagascar 3 – Europe's Most Wanted

Oh those crazy New York Zoo animals. Causing trouble wherever they go. They crashed into Madagascar, barrelled through Africa, and now they’re turning Europe into a place of wackiness and insanity.

Movie Review: 13

There is some tension in the movie. With cocked guns, the players aiming at the person in front, waiting for the spider decorated bulb to light, meaning they can shoot. The actors perspire, and you do sit at the edge of our seat waiting to see who will survive each round.

Film Review: Stitches

At some points the joke is pushed one gag too far but there is plenty of gore and one outrageously brilliant death-by-umbrella scene that revels in its own splatter-factor.

American Idiot – The Musical

Unlike ’21st Century Jukebox Musical’, this was written as a story, much like The Who’s ‘Tommy’ making it more a cohesive musical, and less a game of how many times can we drop a song title in a sentence.