Live Review: Spector O2 Academy, Liverpool

Heady mixes of electro pop and indie rock, Spector by their own admission are what pop music has been lacking lately.

Spector Live Review - Liverpool

Tonight, conscious they are performing in a City with rich musical heritage, Spector dutifully acknowledge the heavy Beatles influence in their own material.

Visually however, Spector have a look all of their own. A cool collective style of 80s new romantic revival; comb ever present, vocalist Fred Macpherson holds the assembled hipster crowd captive, charismatic charm high-octane energy levels throughout.

Performing crowd pleasers such as ‘Celestine’ and ‘Chevy Thunder’ the band offer the crowd a mixed bag of sounds, exploring different tempos, influences and genres. After a tour with Florence and The Machine and sets at Coachella and Leeds Festival this year, Spector hold the stage like they have been together for years.

The performance at times sways on the side of an early Blur set, laid-back cool with glimpses of hyperactivity, and although their sound is reminiscent of the early days of indie, Spector separate themselves with catchy lyrics that don’t teeter on the ridiculous, but are instead well thought out and relevant.

Their live show certainly doesn’t disappoint, who doesn’t love to watch a well dressed sharp suited band with serious talent?!

Ending the night with hit ‘Never fade away’ (which is sung by Fred and accompanied by the rest of the venue), for all of their supposed airs of grandeur and borderline cockiness Spector are a band who don’t take themselves too seriously.

After only one album they’ve already set up home on the current music scene. After tonight, they’ve shown they have the ingredients for permanent residency.