Music Interview

Greatest songs ever: Toast by Streetband

Before Paul Young exploded onto the world music scene in the 80’s, for a while he was the singer in Streetband and wrote the words to one of the best songs ever – Toast. We asked him how he did it.

The Voyeurist – One to Watch

London 3 piece The Voyeurist are still so far underground you need a spade to see them. Flush the Fashion start digging….

Thomas Giles 'Rogers' – Pulse

In the 10 years since Between the Buried and Me first appeared on the scene, Tommy Rogers has been creating consistently dynamic and innovative music. His new solo project Pulse is no exception.

The Answering Machine

Exclusive interview with The Answering Machine as they prepare for the release of their excellent new record ‘Lifeline’.

Darryl Jones – On a Roll

Exclusive interview with Darryl Jones, the Bass Player for the Rolling Stones for nearly 20 years. Nice work if you can get it.

The Ruby Spirit – Born Under a Veil

It could be the cold Toronto air that makes their sound so spiky and rough around the edges, but underneath the Ruby Spirit weave a rich musical tapestry.

Coming up: Katie Powderly

We speak to Musician, Artist Katie as she puts the finishing touches to her new record and prepares for a special kind of tour.