Music Interview

Dodgy: More Than Good Enough

Fast forward 16 years and Dodgy are back. Tearing up the motorway with brand new guitar strings, and a Full English breakfast in their bellies. Their latest release Stand Upright In A Cool Place has the potential to be something of a classic.

Amanda Shires – Carrying Lightning

The musical magnet inside Nashville draws some uniquely special talent to it’s heart. One of them is Amanda Shires, but her Dolly Parton-esque vocals and heart-string plucking violin are far more difficult to pigeonhole than your usual country act.

Retro-Active: 8bit Weapon

Once you get over the initial ‘where is my joystick?’ feeling, 8bit weapon’s music does something quite strange to you. You get an overwhelming desire to use your finger as a laser gun and walk like a robot.

Hey Sholay: Bear-Boned

‘Wishbone’ glistens through the speakers with the exuberant confidence of early Coldplay. UK Radio support (from the DJ’s who actually like music), and a growing reputation live have made Hey Sholay one to watch in 2012.

Onward Olympians!

There are disproportionately many bands of all shapes and sizes for its size, and pubs. Markets selling cupcakes and handmade buttons and cushions with moustachio’d bears on them….. New band Olympians talk about life in Norwich.

Nik Kershaw: Star Waver

Nik Kershaw was a legend in the 80’s but when the fickle hand of fame swiped him away he continued doing what he loved (and the only thing he knew), and that was to write great songs.

Monte Pittman: Pain, Love & Destiny

When Monte Pittman quit his job at a music store in 1999 to become a guitar tutor, one of his first students was movie director Guy Ritchie. It would change his life forever.

City Reign: Booted and Suited

Late nineties, pure indie guitars and introverted lyrics, cans of beer next to the bed, late nights and early starts. Listening to City Reign is like wearing a warm jacket on a frosty morning.

The Lovely Eggs

A few months ago, I brought you The Lovely Eggs with their bouncy, humorous, anarchic and my favourite single of the year, Don’t Look At Me (I Don’t Like It). So when I was asked over for a chat, naturally I jumped at the chance!

Peter Marchant: Space Invader

Northampton is not known as a hotbed of new musical talent, but multi-instrumentalist Peter Marchant could be about to change all that.

Killa Kela: (Beat)boxing Day

We interview Beatboxing genius Killa Kela ahead of the release of his latest EP, a collaboration with his French counterpart Eklips.

Deers: Life in Technicolour

It’s hard to describe Deer’s music, but they have a sense of space that catches you unawares, both abrasive and soothing at the same time, the musical equivalent of a velvet drill bit.

Pete & the Pirates: Crazy Nights

Long John Silver, Captain Hook and Jack Sparrow, all great pirates, but terrible musicians. On the other hand Pete & the Pirates are a great band, but don’t look like the sort of bunch usually found terrorising the High Seas. They don’t even have a parrot.