Music Review: Juju by Juju

One such recent jewel of discovery is the sonic fountain of Juju. Crafted from the mind(s) of Gioele Valenti (formally of Lay Llamas, Herself) who based in Sicily and clearly a European lay line hotspot, he weaves the sounds of generations, dimensions, the past, the now, the future and creates a synesthesia of an album that despite potential nods to prog rock is a thoroughly modern incantation of an album.

An infographic: Linguistical Exctinction

This cool infographic put together by Morningside Translations contains some fascinating statistics on the rate languages in the world are becoming extinct and an extensive list of the most endangered languages in the world today.

Mavis! Movie Review

Film Review: Mavis!

There are so many wonderful life affirming things going on in this fantastic documentary ‘Mavis!’ (2015) by Jessica Edwards, focused on the life and fascinating times of one of the greatest singers of old and modern times.

Win ‘Best Picture’ Oscar Winner ‘Spotlight’ on DVD

Winner of Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay at the 2016 Academy Awards® and winner of the BAFTA for Best Original Screenplay, Spotlight is is available on Blu-ray™, DVD and Download from 23rd May and we have 3 copies to give away.

Italian Style: Italian Living In Your Own Home

It seems like the Italians have it right with everything. From the fashions displayed in Milan, through to the delicious food across plates nationwide, and right back round to the stuff they can’t even help – like their weather, gorgeous scenery and landscapes – it’s a wonder we aren’t all flocking to set up camp in this beautiful Mediterranean country

Room With An Ideological View Inc

The above title could/should be the carved into the most expensive marble in the world by the finest craftsman in the land and ceremoniously at deliberately ostentatious expense and with full bleating pageantry be placed beside the door of what is effectively a used car lot of No 10 Downing Street.

Film Preview: Captain Fantastic

Ahead of its general release in UK cinemas on September 9th, Captain Fantastic has just had its official premier in Cannes in the ‘Un Certain Regard’ section of the Cannes Film Festival.

Funk the Format comes to Hove

So I am very excited to be heading to a festival on my doorstep on May bank holiday Sunday. The perfect opportunity for an all day dance off from those fine folk who run the Club Tropicana nights in the city.

How to host the best EVER burger night!

If you aren’t eight years old, it’s generally not considered cool to say that your favourite food is a burger. As an adult you’re supposed to have more sophisticated tastes, you should like sushi, or risotto or something.

Evening Saved by Ellie Goulding Magic

Ellie Goulding’s performance was pure magic. At the outside stage of PromoWest’s “Rain or shine” event at Express Live, everyone was preparing for thunderstorms with speakers wrapped in plastic bags and ponchos draped over the children.