Cutting The Cost Of Running Your Car!

Without our cars we are well and truly stuck, we can’t get to work, get to the store, or do any of the other things we value in life efficiently, and let’s face it riding the bus is not fun! The problem is though that owning and running a car is expensive, like a good chunk of our wages expensive, and that can be problematic if you are living on a budget.

Happily, there are some things you can do that will cut the costs of running a vehicle, just read on to find out what they are.

Consider the make and model you buy.

The size, make, and model of your car have a lot to do with how much it costs to run. That means looking at all these factors carefully before you make your purchase is essential.

Some modern vehicles like SUVs can weight up to two tons, a fact that means they need a lot of fuel to run. Something that if they come with an uneconomical engine can just make the problem of cots even worse.

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Also, newer vehicles are often more economical with fuel, and so you can save a fair amount of the regular cost of running your car if you buy one like this. In particular, hybrid electric cars are now becoming commonplace on the market and as they charge the battery while in motion they can save a great deal on fuel costs as well as help to reduce environmental pollution too. Of course, it may be that they are more expensive in the first place, so you will have to do the calculations to see whether this pays off in the long run.

Get a decent warranty

Next, to cut the costs of running a vehicle, it’s a good idea to consider getting an extended warranty. This is a policy that covers more than a simple insurance one would and can mean that the large costs associated with fixing your vehicle and keeping it on the road can be reduced.

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However, before you, part with your money for a warranty is it important that you look at all the options and how they play out over the long term. This is because one like the Powertrain warranty from Carchex lasts five years, whereas bumper to bumper cover is usually only valid for three. Yes, warranties like the Powertrain ones usually cover slightly less in term of the internal workings of the vehicle, but if you have a pretty reliable car and are looking for an option that is good value in the long term than the former is one that it would benefit many to consider.

Drive economically

The way that you drive your vehicle can also have a massive effect on how much it costs to run. This is because if you drive in a stop, start way like many people do in urban traffic it uses up more fuel.
To remedy this, it is best to keep the car ticking over even if you do have to stop for some reason.

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It can also help to be a defensive driver and keep an eye on what is happening ahead of you on the road. This allows you longer to make decisions and slow down at a more measured rate if you need to. Something that again can help use fuel more economically.

Also, you can also help keep your fuel consumption low by doing simple things like keeping to speed limits that are set. This is because the faster you drive, the more fuel you will need, so not nipping around too quickly can help to keep those fuel bills low.

Lastly, with regard to becoming more economical with fuel, don’t forget that the aircon uses up lots of gas as well. That means ditch it when on the open road and just crack the window instead. Also if you can do without it during your ride around town, you can get so many km to the gallon and save in a major way on fuel costs.

Look after your vehicle

It is also vital that you take good care of your car if you want to keep the running cost of it low. In fact, maintaining your vehicle can help you save money in several ways.

The first way is that if you keep your car in good condition and running effectively it should take the lowest amount of gas to do a journey that is possible. This should include things like keeping your tires at the right tread level, keeping the engine tuned and oil, and checking that the exhaust system and brakes are working efficiently. Something you can find out more about how to do in the clip below.

It is also worth taking care of the more cosmetic aspects of your vehicle if you are concerned with saving money on running costs. This is because even small issues like windscreen chips and tiny patches of rust can quickly expand to become major problems that cost a lot to keep your car on the road. Something that means it was better to be proactive and get these things fixed when they are still minor issues, rather than reactively trying to firefight all the time.

Find ways to reduce the insurance costs

Lastly, a major cost for many car owners is the insurance that they have to pay to be able to keep their vehicle on the road. Let’s face it insurance is expensive and if you have had an accident or even if you have a poor credit rating it can be extortionate. That is why it is always worth trying to reduce this costs as much as you can.

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To do this remember that students with good grades can often negotiate a discount, and cars with extensive safety feature are often cheaper to insure than other models. There are even more things you can try to keep insurance costs down that you can read more about at, and remember that this is just one of the ways that you can lower the running costs of having a car overall.

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