Top 10 Texas Hold’em Poker Myths

5 – Poker is a math’s based game

Poker MathsI’ve had so many of my friends unwilling to start poker because it’s a maths game. Even though I try to get it passed them that IT’S NOT. Apart from some pot odds (which are very easy to calculate) and some all-in situations, there is basically no other math’s involved in live poker.

Some online players utilize complex hand tracking software, that’s where the complicated maths come in. But if you are a casual live cash game player, then maths shouldn’t be an important factor in your game. Don’t over think things, if your good enough your gut feeling will tell you what to do!

6 – You should practice with play money

You can’t imagine how many books, articles and websites I’ve read, recommending players to start learning poker by playing “play money” cash games. So you’re the best at Facebook™ poker? Sorry to inform you, you’re probably shit when it comes to real life real money poker games.

Trying to learn poker whilst using these free websites is not only pointless, but I think might also negatively affect your game. In these sites people play with complete disregard for chips and betting patterns are completely messed up.

I even remember reading somewhere that you should play 50,000 hands of play money before playing with real money (lol). You want my advice, don’t do it! And if you’re already playing on play money and interested in moving to real money poker, then stop playing and forget what you think you’ve learned!

7 – Online Poker is rigged

poker mythsEndless forums and blogs around the internet have posts about online poker being rigged. I would probably say that more than 50% of people who play online unprofessionally would honestly believe that to an extent online poker is rigged. Some of you may believe that the worst hand always win, some may think that specific players are favoured on the site and others that newcomers to the site are given better hands in order to keep on playing.

Absolute b*shit if you ask me.

First of all there’s so many poker tracking sites nowadays that have virtually millions upon millions of hands stored in their databases. If a player was cheating, trust me people would know.

Secondly, there’s no reason for websites to install these kinds of mischievous behaviours within their gaming software. It would firstly discourage players from playing on their site and secondly be at risk of big law-suits. Still think online poker is rigged? Play 50,000 hands online, and then think about it again!

8 – The Poker Face

There is this misconception in poker, that I believe originated from Hollywood movies concerning the game, that to be a good player a good poker face is required. That you must be able to keep physical movements to a minimum and have a stare that would scare any man.


Believe it or not, when playing at low stakes cash games, I guarantee the players that will rely on physical tells is less than 5%. And I would say that only 1% of low-stakes cash games players can make reliable reads based on physical tells. No one cares if you have a good poker face, no one will notice how you move your hands or stack your chips.

Alternatively, most people rely on betting patterns, so instead of wasting so much time concentrating on your appearance, make sure your betting does not give too much information!

Doyle Brunson Poker Face

9 – Poker is an easy game

Poker might be an easy game to learn, but impossible to master. A wise man once said “Poker is the hardest way to make an easy living”. And believe me it’s true. If you think you can make it as a professional poker player after play for a year at your friend’s home cash game then your mistaken.

In order to improve your game, you might choose to read books, blogs, forums and poker player memoirs. You have play countless hours upon hours in order to have experience and be ready for any situation that you may face. You must analyse, evaluate, and improve your cash game with every session you complete, keep diary’s and discuss hands with fellow professionals.

You must be ready to take any bad beat, and rather than frowning about it, look at it and have a chuckle. You must be able to keep your gaming composure and control your tilt factor. So before you decide, your good enough, think again, you can never be too prepared!

10 – Poker = Gambling

Unfortunately, as all other games that involve placing monetary bets, poker is frowned upon. Many people associate it with casino gambling, where you have to put your faith in luck. This is mainly due to ignorance towards the game. I mean, being a poker professional, what a dream lifestyle it is.

But when people ask me what profession I practice, I rarely tell the truth. People tend to look down on me or laugh when I say that I am. But for as who know better, poker is a science, an art and a beautiful strategically and psychological game. I like to describe it as chess, but fun! =)

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