The Elliots: Desolate (L'Étranger)

The Elliots

The Elliots are from Gothenburg in Sweden, I discovered them as this video was directed by one of my fav photographers Anders Lönnfeldt, and if fits beautifully with the song. Desolate (L’Étranger) is from the bands second album ”Love|Decay” and the name relates to the realities of long-lived-in relationships, the good and the bad.

According to singer Petur Olafsson “Our arrangements tend to get more grandiose than we originally plan. But there are also some songs on the record that are stripped down to only vocals, piano and strings. The record as a whole sounds like a hybrid of Nick Cave and The Killers”.

The Elliots are vocalist Petur Olafsson, guitarist Christian Rosengren, guitarist Fredrik Berggren, bass-player Fredrik Van Der Lee and drummer Mathias Flodin

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