The meat in the sandwich: SEIBEI

SEIBEIDave Murray has played lead guitar for Iron Maiden since 1978. David Murray however, is a self-taught illustrator, and since 2006 the brains behind SEIBEI, a brilliant, independent, one man clothing company. His T-shirts are popular all over the world and are regularly seen on TV and in the movies.

He does things how own way and I caught up with him to find out more. PLUS we have 2 SEIBEI T-shirts to give away (see below)

How easy is it to stay independent, but still make enough money to keep doing on it?
Thanks to the magic of the internet, it’s pretty easy for you to do your own thing. If people like it, they’ll buy it. As far as I know, no one’s making any plans to buy me out or anything.

Do you have a particular ‘ethos’ behind what makes a Seibei T-shirt?
I just try to have fun with it – I think my best work is done when I’m just goofing around and not worrying about how well something will sell. I’m not the world’s greatest salesman, and I’m certainly not the world’s greatest tee designer, but I’d like to think I’m the world’s greatest SEIBEI. So, if I just make something and genuinely enjoy it, then it’s going to be a good SEIBEI tee.

Why do you think the ‘I’m Fat, let’s party’ T shirt is so popular?
I was actually kind of hesitant to make this shirt – I sat on the slogan for a while – because I was worried that people would think I was just making fun of fat people. I wanted to make something different than the usual “fat” shirts out there – they seemed to exclusively be uninspired white prints on black tees and they were always a little self-deprecating. Fuck that.

Seibei T-shirts

Fortunately, most people seem to see I’M FAT LET’S PARTY as a body positive, fun tee, and I’ve received lots of messages from people who feel more confident when they wear it, and get loads of free drinks and high fives (results may vary).

Some of the best t-shirts out there are very simple and direct, but stick with you – and I think I just happened to hit that mark with this one.

What words do you say the most often?
I probably say “dude” way more than anyone should (dude).

What is your favourite sandwich?
I like to think there’s a perfect sandwich for every occasion – for instance, the best Reuben I’ve ever had was after Kate and I caught a late night concert in Brooklyn and were heading home after many beers, but that same tasty sandwich is too much for a regular lunch.

That said, my favorite sandwich is probably a crispy BLT with C and A (cheddar and avocado), or chicken salad with lettuce, swiss, and bacon.


So there you go, not only a purveyor of fine threads but a philosopher, gentlemen and gourmet too.

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