Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre – Ragtime

Regents Park gem, nestled away in the inner circle behind the boating lakes, bandstands and the siege of herons lining up like guardsman, is the historical Open Air Theatre, whose original airing was in 1932. Suddenly a twinkling of fairy lights appears and you feel like your entering something private and magical.

Win – Phonak Audéo PFE012 Earphones

Phonak are a Swiss company with a huge reputation across the globe as manufacturers of cutting edge hearing aid technology. Recently they’ve applied that same expertise to manufacturing earphones. We have a pair to give away.

Adam Lambert – Trespassing

With anyone else’s voice this could have ended up a confusing mutant of genres but somehow it works; taking you from a gay disco to a sober dinner party quicker than you can say ‘genuine talent’.

Win FL Studio & Decadance

Used by everyone from Mike Oldfield and DeadMau5, to exciting new talents Porter Robinson and Madeon, it’s the ultimate studio in a box. Here is your chance to go ‘legit’ and win an official copy of the amazing Image-Line software.

Film Review: Moonrise Kingdom

Anderson has toned down his quirky style a notch, maybe his close relationship with the setting and story (it’s based in mid 1960’s New England, not a million miles away from Anderson’s childhood home) has given him the confidence to see the film as a whole, and it feels like his most coherent piece of cinema to date.

The Maccabees – The HiFi Bar: Melbourne

My fondest memory of The Maccabees is sitting on the pavement on The Strand, in the middle of winter, waiting for a night bus at some ungodly hour, with a boy who I had a massive teenage crush on.

Dandy Warhols – Zia McCabe: Stripped Bare

The Dandy Warhols have come along way from their humble beginnings eighteen years ago in a small club in Portland, Oregon. They’ve just released their ninth studio album ‘This Machine’, and probably their most stripped back album to date.

Drive by The Chevin

The latest video by The Chevin has just been unleashed onto the internet. ‘Drive’ is the first single from the band’s forthcoming album Borderland.

This Is Hell / Feed The Rhino @ Stereo, Glasgow

IT’S GIG-ONLY entry at Stereo on a dim, relatively quiet Sunday night in Glasgow but descending the twisted staircase into the venue’s basement venue bowels there’s the inescapable sense of tense, excited anticipation among those who’ve made it out.

Kapow – Comic Convention 2012

Kapow! is such a wonderfully embracing/encouraging environment where the guests speakers are often meeting people who in turn inspired them in their youth. Access to some of the worlds greatest artists was readily available, and there were many portfolios being nervously examined throughout the venue.

Live Review: Errors at The Arches, Glasgow

Populated by ageing hipsters, fresh-looking indie-chicks and a spare few from outside the local ‘scene’ it’s the kind of gig the grubby, timeworn rabble who populate the front rows at Mogwai gigs would cock a sceptical eyebrow towards, snorting in derision at the bare-faced struck-posture of it all.

The Camden Crawl 2012

For the past 6 years I’ve been attending; what I would say, is my favourite festival in the land. The Camden Crawl and this years was something special.