Raising the bar: The Cast of Cheers

Dublin’s The Cast of Cheers have the best name in music since Rock of Travolta. It’s a name that transcends ‘what is cool’ existing on it’s own plain of spiritual enlightenment.

cast of cheers

The problem with a brilliant name is your band have to be even better to live up to it. Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction would have been massive had they been called Motorway or Iron Horn, but with a name like that expectation was too great and they crumbled under the pressure.

Why do you think Coldplay are so successful?

So far the signs are good for The Cast of Cheers, their record (below) is one of those love at first listen records that sounds better every time you listen to it..

We caught up with the band before they become too famous, moody or drunk for their own good.

The Cast of CheersHow long have you been together?
Too long! Kidding, of course! We started playing together as The Cast of Cheers in October 2009 but we’ve been in and out of bands together for years now.

Are you still based in Ireland?
We’re still in Ireland at the moment. We’ve been throwing around ideas about moving abroad but no solid plans as of yet.

Where was your record ‘Chariot’ recorded?
We recorded on weekends because we were working full time so it took about four months, a lot longer than we had hoped! Great little studio out in Blanchardstown, Dublin called Trackmix.

What is the thinking behind giving away the album for free?
It made sense. Nobody knew us and we didn’t expect anyone to pay for an album from a band they hadn’t heard of, we hadn’t even played live!

Giving it away seemed like the quickest way to get it to as many people as possible.

What are your songs about?
Zombies, love, and more zombies. I know Conor took lyrical inspiration from books like The Road and World War Z so the Apocalypse is certainly sprinkled throughout Chariot.

Are you writing new stuff all the time?
We’ve been writing for the second album since last summer. So it’s been almost a constant. Conor usually has new songs or ideas ready for practice, it keeps things quite fresh. We’re all very excited at how the second album is shaping up!

What has been your best experience in the band so far?
It’s hard to name just one. We’ve played some amazing shows and met a ton of lovely awesome people over the last year but for me personally it’s probably supporting Two Door Cinema Club at Brixton Academy.

We’d never played to such a big crowd, the buzz was unreal!

The Real cast of CheersWhat was it like playing with Two Door Cinema Club?
Amazing! Completely cliche but it’s hard to put into words. It’s a bit of a blur looking back, I know we had a lot of fun. Two Door and the their crew are awesome at what they do, it’s inspiring.

Do you encourage Groupies?
Who doesn’t? To be honest, I haven’t met any! I have met some enthusiastic fans but I wouldn’t have considered them groupies (What is the definition of a groupie? Sexual favours or homemade t-shirts?).

If you find any, do let us know.

Do you have many gigs / festivals lined up for the rest of the year?
At the moment, we’re trying to focus on the second album so we don’t have too many shows lined up, we will be at the Electric Picnic in Ireland this September though!

Who is your favourite band?
Way too many to name but I’ve had The Police, Friendly Fires and Battles on fairly regular rotation these last few weeks.

Where is the best place for breakfast in Dublin?
Around at me Mams!

So there you have it. Listen to ‘Goose’ below, or visit The Cast of Cheers on their Facebook page.

Top image: Ruthless Imagery
Right image: Two States 2xm
Left image: The Real Cast of Cheers