Sissy & The Blisters & Driver Drive Faster @Bull & Gate. Going Deaf For A Living

sissy and the blistersImagine Bill & Ted landed in your living room in their time travelling phone box. (Stay with me folks). They then suggested travelling through decades to create a band so exciting to your ears you that you start to question all your musical choices to date. You steal parts from Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Disco Zombies, The Doors and Suede.

You end up with Sissy & The Blisters who make The Horrors look like they’re playing at being a band.

Its not always just about the front man. I don’t think I blinked during their performance and was constantly torn on who should be getting my attention. They perform like it’s their last breath. It’s ferocious, sincere, sneering. I don’t get the impression its out of a desire to be the next big thing even, I just think that its coursing through their veins.

They HAVE to be up there, any other alternative is suicide. Seek out tracks Got No Home, We Are The Others, Let Her Go and You Girl.

Drastically different you have a band named after a WH Auden poem and a bass player that resembles a young Alex James so you automatically create a recipe for a thousand girls to swoon over.

Driver Drive Faster live Driver Drive Faster have tweaked, mixed and edited their self-funded debut album Open House with such a meticulous and critical ear.

The resulting songs are like a stoned Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have mated with the poetry of Bon Iver. The melodies fold you in its arms and wraps around you like an old jumper, lending itself to trippier moments at times (title track Open House especially) to shades of Mercury Rev (They May Talk).

We all draw the line in a different place. Some of you drew it at Northern Soul, others over Britpop. Of course, that is everyone’s right. But here is the thing, my heartfelt plea as it were. As long as bands like Sissy & The Blisters and Driver Drive Faster are creating music don’t ever draw that line.

Keep your ears open beautiful musical lovers. I want to always be stopped in my tracks, have my world set alight, rendered speechless by new music. It happened tonight.

Hannah Duncan

Hannah is a music obsessive, London loving, book worm, cider drinking, sci-fi geek. You can follow her on Twitter HERE

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