Paper Aeroplanes – Kindred Spirits

Paper Aeroplanes were one of a bunch of really great bands that made it onto the Glastonbury Emerging Talent List last month. I liked their stuff so much I thought it would be a great idea to find out some more about the band.

They formed in 2007 with a girl and a boy from the west-est extremes of Wales and became regulars on the Cardiff music scene. They were heavily supported by BBC Radio Wales before grabbing a place of the Radio 2 playlist in November last year.

Their debut album, released in March 2010, The Day We Ran into the Sea was well received, gaining them a Record of the Day feature with song ‘Cliche’ which is also a hit on Youtube, it’s video featuring a mannaquin as a cheating love interest (see below). ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris is a big fan. They’ve been compared to 100,000 Maniacs, Fleetwood Mac, Turin Brakes, Feist and the Cranberries.

Their hobbies include cooking, eating, talking about food and watching cookery programmes. Their Self-produced mini-album, We are Ghosts, is out now.

Where did you record We are Ghosts?
In guitarist Rich’s spare room. We used a wardrobe and duvet in his bedroom as a vocal booth. We had to have recording breaks when the neighbours were hoovering or the seagulls got too loud.

Who are your influences?
Laura Veirs, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Pete Yorn, Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell.

Interesting Fact?
We (Sarah and Richard) used to be a couple (for 5 years) but continued to play together after a difficult break-up due to our total obsession with music and our band!

Is it difficult to play in a band with your Ex?
It’s easier than playing in a band with your boyfriend!! Umm, I suppose sometimes the fact we know each other a little too well means that the politeness and space you give most other people is lost and makes things quite intense. We bicker like sister and brother at least twice a day.

Paper AeroplanesOur plans for 2011 and onwards are to play as many shows as possible to spread the ‘We Are Ghosts’ word and then around September to embark on writing our next album….which we’re itching to do already!

What is your fav Fleetwood Mac record?
Bit obvious but has to be ‘Rumours’.

Your fav song to play live?
Sarah: For me it has to be Days We Made. It starts quiet and intimate but gets powerful towards the end and I personally love to have both ends of the spectrum in any set.
Rich: Cliche. In the words of our drummer Ryan, it’s just ‘correct’.

What is your fav cookery show?
Rich: I grew up watching Keith Floyd and Delia. Nobody’s come close since, but I do have a soft spot for Huw.
Sarah: Anything with Rick Stein in it.

Where is the best place to eat in Cardiff?
Rich: Ichiban in Canton or Lilo in Roath.
Sarah: The Plan Cafe Bar

Where can we get more info? and @sarahaeroplane on Twitter

You can hear ‘Flee’ from Paper Aeroplanes on the Flush the Fashion April 2010 Music Sampler.
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