Slimy Smoothie with Blue Lemonade Cubes

It’s Monster Movie Month on Flush the Fashion and such a month is not complete without a Monster Movie Night! When I think of a Monster Movie Night, I think of inviting friends over and, of course, showing off my host skills by serving the most awesome snacks and drinks.

Keeping that in mind, let’s do the jump from monsters to the kitchen…whenever I think of monsters the color green comes to mind (God knows why)…what’s green and delicious in my fridge? Kiwis and lemons…let’s get dirty! This is a drink suggestion which I’ve named:

Slimy Smoothie with Blue Lemonade Cubes.

Slimy Smoothies

It looks both monstrous and cocktail-ish…quite sure you’ll love the bright colors in this one.

Ingredients (for 3 glasses):
For the blue lemonade ice cubes:
the juice of 1 lemon
3/4 glass water
sugar to taste
blue food colorant
ice cube tray (try getting fun, but no so large shapes)

For the smoothie:
2 kiwis
1 slice pineapple
1 orange
sugar to taste
some water
a blender or mixer
optional: yellow and blue food coloring (to intensify the color)

Let’s start with the blue lemonade ice cubes. In a big glass, combine the water with the lemon juice. Sweeten to taste with some sugar. Add some blue food colorant drops until you get a nice tone of blue. Pour in the ice cube tray and let freeze.

Slimy Smoothie Recipe

On to the smoothie. Chop the kiwis and pineapple into smaller pieces. Peel the orange, try removing the seeds and cut into pieces. Combine all these fruits in the blender (or mixer). Sweeten to taste and add some water to make it a bit less heavy (the resulting smoothie shouldn’t be so liquid, but rich and dense). Normally it should naturally have a light green color, but if you want a stronger tone, add some yellow and blue food colorant drops until you get the desired color.

Slimy Smoothies

Serve in long glasses and top with the blue lemonade ice cubes. Smoothie should be dense enough to support the cubes on the surface.
Hope you enjoy this one!