Concert: Wolf Alice & Slaves – A&R Music Bar, Columbus OH

Photos courtesy of Harry Acosta — Website | Instagram | Facebook

Wolf Alice and Slaves amused and charmed the teenage crowd and the parents who accompanied them.

Most of the time, if something rocks, it just rocks. There are different genres and flavours, and sounds (Try telling that to Gene Simons or Ice Cube). At Columbus’ A&R Bar, Slaves and Wolf Alice proved to be the perfect combination to cover all bases for all rockers. Everybody was taken off guard with Slaves – like a surprise water balloon fight with a complete stranger. The active music listeners got what they came for with Wolf Alice, feelings of being reunited with a good friend, if just for an evening.

2016 Slaves live photo

2016 Slaves live photo

The difference between the two bands is evident in their presentation and use of their drums. Slaves’ two-man crew had a stripped down drum set on display, proudly emblazoned with, or ironically displaying a “Bernie 2016” sticker (I expect the former). The fact that they had heart was apparent throughout the show. They hammer beats in my face, assaulting the senses – and insulting your daughter. Well, she was somebody’s daughter anyway.

Their vibe was evident — we aren’t what you came here for, but we’re here, so deal with it. And it made it fun!

The lyrics and the crass yet clever banter by Slaves may have been a surprise to all the Dads who drove their little angels to their first rock concert. The teenage girls and college kids rolled with the edginess of the UK punk wit. Energy levels rising when Slaves frontman, Isaac Holman removes his top to expose a sweaty and muscular build.

When he drops the mic at the end of their set, stating (spoiler alert), “You are all slaves”, the young crowd looked confused. What do they do with this new feeling? Welcome to rock, kids—insulting and fun.

2016 Slaves live photo

Wolf Alice’s drummer, Joel Amey has a full set of drums tucked away in the back of the cramped stage, to make room for the movements and sounds from Theo, Ellie, and Joff’s strumming and shredding. From there, Joel delivers the rhythm that grounds the refined melodies of Ellie Rowsell’s haunting vocals, Theo’s rumbling bass, and two wailing guitars.


They rock in a totally different manner. Their lyrics are thought provoking and there’s more feeling in their music. Hungry to please they make sure everyone’s favourite song gets played. Welcome to rock kids, evocative and pleasing.


Whether your crammed in at the back of this sold out show, or visually blocked by a column with an ear infection, you have a great story to tell the kids at school tomorrow who couldn’t make it. Or for that matter, the other dads in the office.

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