Live Music: Dan Croll – Appealing to Everyone

It isn’t often that an evening musical performance in a Columbus venue/bar turns into a natural family friendly event.

Asking some of the crowd who they were there to see, it was a good mix for both Auroa and Dan Croll—from ages 8 to 58. And they were well versed in the music. No wonder it was a sold out show.

I was surprised to see such a diverse crowd for this show. I see teens often with a parent for their first show, but this night there were a lot of 8 year olds holding hands with their parents.

It wasn’t just filled with children by any means. I learned earlier this year, that an older crowd shows up later to a performance, while a younger crowd fills up a venue earlier. Doors for this show opened at 7PM. I was there at 7, but it was already too late for me to get a good shot from the front. The place was half filled already, with the older crowd cruising in all the way up until showtime.

Dan Croll smiled coyly as the crowd applauded his entrance and he began his lovely soothing harmonies.

There’s a lot of love in his music. Not the broken-hearted, jaded-love people can easily relate to, but the hopeful, longing, sweet love. The kind you hope your children find. Sweet Dissaray, Home, and Swim were the highlights of his performance.

It is refreshing to go to a show to see a sea of smiling faces, to the lyrics that are full of innocence and wonder for a sweetness most have given up hope finding.

There’s hope for the future of Dan Croll’s musical career as well as he delves further into the simple, smart, progressive synth pop he creates.

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