Top Colour Trends For This Winter

Weekend Offender -Top Colour Trends For This Winter

This winter think camouflage – we’re talking khaki, burgundy, brown and grey. These natural colours are earthy and raw, giving you that neutral and calming yet edgy look that is so effective on every physique…

Sometimes when it’s the festive season it can be tempting to wear a lot of dark colours but instead look to nature for your inspiration and try to be as smart as Mr Robin with his red chest and brown waistcoat. Here are a few ideas for you to get started from dawn until dusk. If you’re off to get a paper or walk the dog, you’ll need to invest in a thick jacket. You can’t go wrong with camouflage and it will last you forever because it never really goes out of fashion. Clues Fashion stock a great range of camo parkas which will keep you nice and cosy as well as looking edgy. However, if you’re going jogging then you’ll probably only need one of these fashionable tracksuits for men.

People worry that wearing natural colours will mean they look a bit drab and dreary but it’s usually the opposite if you stick to a few key rules. Always go for the best quality you can afford and well fitting clothes. Sixth June, a Parisian street style brand, offers a great range of raw and combative tees, jackets and some really effective dip dye jumpers at really competitive prices. Believe it or not, these natural colours work really well in a shoe too! Suede is an excellent choice for winter; Jack & Jones have some cool suede boots in lovely greys and browns.

These will work well from daytime through to those spontaneous drinks out after work so they’re a really helpful addition to the wardrobe. An outfit can change miraculously with the simple addition of a smart coat or jacket. In terms of high street stores Topman has a great selection including a khaki coloured military style jacket with a really tailored feel to it despite its low price tag! This will make you stand out from the crowd on the walk to work or while out and about at the Christmas markets.

Without wanting you to end up looking like Ron Burgundy from Anchorman, it’s a great staple colour to get in your wardrobe for the winter months. You can’t go wrong with a tight fitting turtle neck to look suave this party season. Pair with a navy blazer and chinos for a sleek and sexy look.

Finally, get yourself ready for the January gym rush with some on-trend gym wear. Weekend Offender has a great range of joggers and jackets to get you motivated and out in the cold to the gym. They come in a range of colours but the Syrah stands out as a favourite. While you’re doing the gym shop check out Gym King’s range of joggers; they have a huge range of colours and styles and if you look the part it’s easier to get motivated… well, at least you look good!

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