Hotspots for 2017: Where You Should Be Looking to Book

Hotspots for 2017: Where You Should Be Looking to Book

This time of year can be a little… bleak. It’s dark and cold outside, there’s not a great deal to look forward to insofar as celebrations go, and bank holidays seem to be forever away. So, why not cheer yourself up by booking a holiday?

It’ll give you a date in your diary to look forward to, and it’ll be the perfect excuse to update your holiday wardrobe too – but first, you’ll need to have some idea of where to go. Check out these hotspots for 2017 and see if anything takes your fancy…

Short Haul with Guaranteed Sunshine

If you’re travelling with young children, don’t fancy sitting on an aeroplane for hours or simply want to keep your spending to a minimum, why not head to Europe? Portugal, Spain and France are always popular, and with good reason – the endless sunshine, plentiful beaches and close proximity to us here in the UK are very appealing! Or, you could head a little further into Europe to try somewhere like Croatia, with locations such as Zagreb (above), Dubrovnik and Istria popping up as top destinations in many travel lists. You’ll find great deals for these kinds of holidays online, so start looking now for the best prices.

Hotspots for 2017: Where You Should Be Looking to Book

Luxurious and Longhaul

How about something a little more exotic and luxurious? You can’t go wrong if you head to the Indian Ocean, with islands like Mauritius (below) offering white silky sand, crystal clear waters and five star hotels. It’s becoming cheaper to fly to destinations in the Indian Ocean and Caribbean than ever before, so it’s well worth considering if you want 2017 to be the year you remember for luxury, tranquillity and jaw-dropping sunsets.

Hotspots for 2017: Where You Should Be Looking to BookHotspots for 2017: Where You Should Be Looking to Book

Off the Beaten Track

Fancy trying something different? Well, Lonely Planet is the place to take inspiration from in that case, they recommend holidaying in Colombia (below). This destination counts as ‘off the beaten track’ due to the fact that it’s historically been a location that’s suffered with war and crime, but its recent stability (and upcoming visit from Pope Francis) means that it’s open to travellers who want to see a part of the world that’s been off-limits for a long time. Look forward to experiencing beautiful architecture, wonderful music, and awe-inspiring scenery.

Hotspots for 2017: Where You Should Be Looking to Book

Chic City Break

How does sipping wine in Bordeaux sound to you? Well, due to the fact that the LGC Sud-Ouest line will connect Bordeaux with Europe’s high-speed train network, it will mean you can get there from Paris within just two hours. We think this might make Bordeaux a city to watch in 2017, and could be the perfect place to go if you fancy doing some sight-seeing and shopping. Be sure to head out to the vineyards to sample Bordeaux wine, of course – it’d be a shame to head that way and not enjoy a glass of Malbec, wouldn’t it?

Hotspots for 2017: Where You Should Be Looking to Book

The Open Seas

Finally, rather than booking a holiday in a particular location, why not consider booking a particular type of holiday? One such type that’s growing in popularity is cruise holidays, with a little under 1.79 million people in the UK hopping on a ship last year. The great thing about this kind of holiday is that you’ll get to see multiple destinations when the cruise ship comes into the ports, and there’s tons of entertainment and food to be enjoyed on board too.


Do any of these holiday hotspots sound like a good idea to you? Keep an eye out for the best deals, if so!

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