Duke Nukem Forever (and a day)

After 14 years in development the most delayed project in the history of video games FINALLY looks like it will see the light of day.

Put it in your diary now.
May 3rd 2011 (USA), May 6th everywhere else.
Duke Nukem Forever will be released.

The sequel to Duke Nukem 3D started life back in 1997, that is nearly 15 years ago. To get things in perspective in 1997 Lady Gaga was still at primary school, SpiceWorld was number one in the charts, and the ORIGINAL Xbox was still 4 YEARS away.

So why the delay?
Original developer 3D Realms had been f**kin around so much that many insiders in the industry thought the game was some kind of running joke from the company and often described as ‘vaporware’.

The license has changed hands on several occasions and legal issues have played a part. There is no space here to tell the whole story behind the project, and Duke fans will know it all anyway.

What is important now is…. Will the new game be any good?

And here is the dilemma, with such a protracted development period will Duke Nukem Forever suffer ‘Chinese Democracy Syndrome‘ (or CDS), a term we just made up but named after the Guns N’ Roses* record that took so long to come out it sounded 10 years old the day it went on sale. Alan Wake, although it had it’s moments had (CDS).

OR, will the Duke be so goddamn mutha f***in good that the wait will seem worth it?
Personally I am not sure, the original WAS a great game, but a lot of blood has been spilled since 1997 and first-person shooter video games have come along way. Am not convinced from the trailer.

Duke’s strong points have always been it’s full on action and great sense of humour, so it might come as a welcome light relief after 10 hours or so of Black Ops Multiplayer action.
One thing IS for sure, if Duke is a dodo someone will still get their ass kicked.

Duke Nukem forever is released on all the usual formats, more info from the official site.www.dukenukem.com

* Technically, we all know it’s not really Guns N’ Roses, (just Axl Rose).

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