How Can I Get the Inspiration to Write a Song?

While you may think that songwriting is easy, many songwriters often struggle to come up with new ideas for songs. In case writer’s block does happen, there are many ways in which you can seek out inspiration for a new song. There are many ways in which you can ignite your creativity and come up with a few hit songs. 

While looking for inspiration for songs, you can experiment with different themes, melodies, and so on. You can even recall some of your memories, emotions, and feelings that you can include in the song.

Finding inspiration for a song is not hard. It all depends on what you want in your song. Here are some of the few ways in which you can draw inspiration that can help you write a song: 

  • Start Off with a Tune

Nothing can get those creative juices flowing more than having a tune to start off. If you have a melody in mind, that can help you with ideas to start off the song. For this purpose, you can produce your own melody by using basic chords, or you can seek inspiration from your favorite artists and see what tunes they have used. This is a great way to get that inspiration to start writing that song you have wanted to work on. 

  • Coming Up with Musical Ideas

Once you have decided on the tune of the song, you can start working on the rhythm and the notes. At this point, it does not matter if you do not have lyrics for your songs. Once you get an idea of the music that is going to be used for the song, you can experiment with different lyrics and see what fits the best.

  • Exploring Plot Ideas for the Song

There are many ways in which you can come up with creative ideas for your song. One of these ways is to come up with a sequence or a plot for your song. You can begin by choosing a theme on what you want your song to be about. It can be anything, ranging from love to breaking up to friendship, social issues, and so on.

Once you have figured out the theme, you need to work on how you want to start off the song and how you would end it. This is similar to story writing, except you will be working on lyrics here. 

You can even come up with a list of your favorite memories, the good and the bad. These memories can help you come up with plot ideas for the song. There is nothing more heartfelt and original than writing about one’s own experiences in life. This also helps people relate to you. 

  • Using Song Prompts

Sometimes you are unable to work on a song alone which is why using song prompts can help you on the way. There are many websites such as that can provide you with song prompts and ideas. Such websites can offer creative resources that can help you overcome that writer’s block. You can even get expert feedback and see if you are going in the right direction. 

  • Inspiration from Traveling

If sitting at home is not working out for you, then you should head outdoors to get that inspiration to write a song. Traveling to any old or new place can not only help clear your head, but it can also give you a surge of ideas on what you should work on. While traveling, you can stumble upon different scenes or moments that can help you with the songwriting process altogether. 

  • Working with Friends or Family

You do not have to be alone while writing. You can always ask a friend or family member to help you with the songwriting process. You can even be inspired by them, which can result in some emotional lyrics for your song. Such brainstorming activities can help you see what is working well for your song. This helps you get another perspective on your lyrics, apart from your own. 

  • Take Inspiration from Other Artists

While you would want your song to sound unique and original, you can always look up to your favorite artists and seek inspiration from there. See what has worked best for these artists and incorporate these ideas into your own songwriting process. While seeking inspiration from such places, make sure that you aren’t just copying ideas. 

Final Thoughts 

Writing a song is not a straightforward task. There can be moments where you have no inspiration, or you lose your motivation to write. In times like these, it is always recommended to look around you and seek inspiration from there. There is no single source of inspiration, as you can find ideas from anywhere. What matters is how you use those ideas to write the best song possible!

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