Big in 2012: Part 1

We asked Hannah Duncan, one of our ACE music writers for her people to look out for in 2012.

Niki and the Dove

Niki & The Dove
2011 was THE year of über talented couplings (The Civil Wars, Slow Club, Summer Camp) and providing someone keeps The Ting Tings firmly locked in a cupboard Niki & The Dove will be adding to the indie duo legacy this year. A touch of sexy battiness about Malin Dahlström (think Bjork and Liela Moss have spliced their genes to create a new breed of performer) makes her reign supreme. There’s something beautiful and unhinged about watching her perform.

Zulu Winter
Give me cowbells until… well, until the cows come home. Zulu Winter had my ear buds at the first clang, before the crooning even started. I couldn’t tire of ‘Let’s Move Back To Front‘ last year, and then unexpectedly ‘Never Leave‘ followed, a nod to 80’s synths. They will be THE band to see at festivals this year despite playing few gigs.

Theme Park
Catchy indie pop, instantly likeable chaps, vocals reminiscent of British Sea Power (warm, dark rum and honey swoon). Theme Park are Understated performers, not a hint of ego or whiff of grandeur emanating from their bones yet they have the tracks to make them solid contenders as one’s to watch in 2012. Double A-Side ‘A Mountain We Love/Wax’ was swiftly followed with ‘Milk‘ in the latter part of last year. An album is anticipated through Trangressive and given the strength of their singles I’m quietly confident that this London four piece will deliver.

Already touted by Flush The Fashion way before they cropped up on a lot of peoples radars. Talented raggedy bunch of musicians create a sound that Thom Yorke and Beck would sit up and listen too. Not instantly accessible, at times gothic and brooding, but worth your time and attention if you can open your ears. Intelligent music (brain is the new sexy).

Trailer Trash Tracys
6 Music’s well respected DJ’s are playing them, Kings of Leon’s Jared Followill is telling people on his twitter to listen to them, supporting The Maccabees and The Vaccines tours through January and a debut album released this week will be keeping this London quartet hectic and our attention keenly held. Lo-fi dreamy shoegaze tunes will be my soundtrack of Spring finally breaking.

Trailer Trash Tracys

Sissy & The Blisters
Remember the good old days, when we all liked a bit of rough, the unfinished, unpolished article? Sissy & The Blisters herald those better days, when it was all about the noise you make and not the clothes you wear on stage. A must see live, they were raw and frenzied when I saw them at The Bull & Gate last year. They make ‘The Horrors’ look twee.

Hannah Duncan

Hannah is a music obsessive, London loving, book worm, cider drinking, sci-fi geek. You can follow her on Twitter HERE