How to be a New Year Resolutions Winner

New Year Resolutions WinnerAnd breathe……

2011 has come to a stumbling, falling over itself finale, thrusting 2012 ahead of itself to cushion its fall.

The aftermath of the years turbulence and extreme challenges have left me feeling in need of some reflection, some quiet, some ‘shhhhh’ against the din.

This year feels full of intention, and not because we decide to utter some New Year’s Resolutions (bless me father for I have sinned) to detox our less restrained selves.

Resolve is for life people, not just for New Year. For you to ignore, resent and eventually bury under a sea of ‘should’.

I absolutely agree with positive intentions. With well thought through and detailed plans to improve an aspect of our own or others’ lives. But plans which are more substantial then ‘keep fit’, ‘do more charity work’.

I don’t want to discuss what your New Year’s Intentions should be however, more the power of planning. I am a BIG fan of planning. I have a multitude of well used notebooks, journals; planners……overloaded with spider diagrams, mind maps, lists, sketches and doodles. In fact I have trained Time Management techniques and Action Planning. (bear with me………!)

The key to a good plan is the Reflection beforehand. A real rubber glove-clad review of what isn’t working for you and why, so you can see what it should look like. This part is often uncomfortable as it involves looking at where we previously hadn’t got it quite right. No experience is wasted so long as you take something positive though, right?

Reflection done, it’s time to Fantasise. To think about what your ideal is. What does your ideal social life look like? What do you need to sacrifice to get that? What investments do you need to make? What is currently working well, which you can replicate?

Reality is your balance. Don’t sigh! I can hear you! There is no point in planning for the unrealistic. I too would love Dita’s petite frame, but focusing on a yoga-toned version of me is far more achievable. What is likely and what can you do given constraints?

Then comes the Detail, the how, when and what’s which fill the plans and picks them delicately off the page until they are tangible.

How to be a New Years Resolution Winner

These types of plans are aspirational, they paint pictures of weekends somewhere new, doing something you haven’t done before. Evenings spent in pyjama’s watching your favourite films, playing your favourite games. Meeting people for the first time, learning something new. Nurturing something you value and feeling it improve.

These are the things which make me love January and which restore my hunger for the year ahead. These things happen to include my favourite things, naturally. My year will always include great people, amazing lingerie, new experiences and a geek.

Top 5 Tips to be a New Year Resolutions Winner

1. Reflect! Look in the mirror. Hard. Friends are often the mirrors you avoid looking in, ask them!

2. Fantasise! What do you want, need that year? Even if it’s simply maintain what you have. That still takes investment.

3. Reality! I’m sorry but it’s perhaps a little unlikely Mila Kunis may want to be your Friend With Benefits this year. Rein it in.

4. Detail! These are your steps to get there. How are you going to make this happen?

5. Enjoy! Take time to reflect on what you’ve worked for. You deserve it!