Foxes! – Oh Rosie


I’ve only ever heard one song from Foxes!, this one (below). If I listen to anymore I’m worried they won’t be as good, so (just for now) one it will be.

I do know their self-titled debut album ‘Foxes!’ is out on Big Salad Records on the 16th January, which believe it or not is in 11 days. I also know 2 of them are married (to each other) Adam (guitar, vocals) and Kayla Bell (drums,vocals). I’m not sure if Alan Grice (bass, keyboard) and Matt Twaites (guitar, keyboard, omnichord) are married to people outside of the band though.

I do know they could be one band to watch in 2012.

You can also catch them live next Tuesday 10th January at the very lovely Buffalo Bar in Highbury, London.

Look out for more news when it happens on Foxes! via the Official Flush the Fashion Twitter.