The bald and the beautiful

According to the latest survey most British woman think bald men are more distinguished, intelligent and attractive than their thick haired rivals. In homage to this great news (for me anyway), Flush the Fashion have put together a Top 5 of bald guys.

Larry DavidLarry David (right)
If there are two people left, the Seinfeld co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star will always pick the bald guy. It’s just Larry’s way of redressing the follically challenged backlash suffered by ‘his kind’ over the years.

Karl Pilkington (top)

You may think the Ricky Gervais whipping boy was short up top in the brain department but take a closer look, Karl (who has recently become the The Alan Whicker of the X Factor generation with his ‘Idiot Abroad’ series) wears his baldness with pride.

bruce willisBruce Willis (left)

From the early days of Moonlighting, Willis has grown out of his hair (or is it the the way around) in such a subtle way that his baldness has been an acceptable part of society since 2003. Should the part call for it Bruce has no problem ‘wigging up’ if necessary.

Andre Agassi (not pictured)
If you (literally) brush those mullet years under the carpet, Andre Agassi has stepped into the ‘bald’ spotlight and become even more popular for it. Andre’s parallel universe means the less hair he has, the more popular he becomes. Only exposing himself in Time Square while smoking crack could further boost his social status further.

Nic CageNicolas Cage
Winner of best performance from a haircut in Spike Jonze’s 2008 film ‘Adaptation’ Cage has been bald since the age of 16. Only clever use of ‘pieces’ and camera positioning have enabled Cage to live a normal life.

Now if only bad skin and goofy teeth could be included then that would be really something!

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