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Now I’m a fully grown adult, I’m no longer able to rely on Father Christmas to be the bearer of wonderous gifts. So just to be on the safe side I gave myself an early Christmas present a few days before his arrival this year. Step forward FIFA15.

What I like about the latest edition of the Fifa soccer franchise is all the little attentions to detail they’ve added to highten the overall footballing experience and realism; play as Liverpool and you’ll hear the roar of the Kop chanting for their team and the muffled announcements from the stadium PA system that follow every goal and substitution. Pitches cut up in the rain, corner flags blow in the breeze, when you blaze the ball over the bar from 10 yards your striking partner will throw both hands up in the air with the same exasperation you’ll see every week, in every real game in every league in the world.

Each time you fire up the game it connects with the servers at EA and updates the league positions and injuries, I played as said Liverpool team and found the commentators discussing the future of Steven Gerard on the same day he announced he was leaving them at the end of the season. Whether it was coincidence or some sort of voodoo magic cast by EA Im not sure, but these subtle touches certainly enhance the enjoyment levels that little bit higher.

I’ve spent most of my time playing against other people and have barely scratched the surface with the Ultimate Team and other options .. (I’ve also to play Lionel Messi or Eden Hazard, check out the video), but apparently a big feature of FIFA 15 is ‘Emotional Intelligence’, miss an open goal or give a penalty away and your team morale will be affected. However if you score a goal it will lift your team and give them an extra lift, which I suppose is good and bad in equal measure.

There are too many features and highlights to go into much detail here, but it’s a fantastic game and loads of fun. To misquote a certain Alan Partridge commentary, FIFA 15 is “Evolution, not revolution”; ie, it’s evolving not revolving.

As for Evolution, didn’t that used to be a football game too?

For more info on FIFA 15 visit their facebook page HERE

This post is sponsored by EA Sports, but all thoughts are my own.

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