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Following on from my last post on the FIFA14 Tournament over at Unruly HQ, here is a chance to see the trailer for the new FIFA14 videogame.


From the looks of things Messi has turned into some sort of Mad Max / Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Child catcher for Pro footballers. It makes me wonder where he is taking them? If Ronaldo was driving I would suspect to drop them over a cliff just in case any was earning more than he is.

FIFA14 Anyway, back to the game… In recent times Electronic Arts have been careful not to make big changes to FIFA. Their ‘If it isn’t broken then don’t try and fix’ motto has worked well with gradual improvements along the way. They’ve spent the time polishing the fireplace, rather than ripping it out and building a woodburner instead.

The million dollar question though has to be “Is FIFA14 different / better / more fun enough to warrant shelling out the money for?”
The simple answer is ‘yes!’, and here are some of the reasons why…

Social Pressure
All of your friends are going to be playing it, so that leaves you out of 85% of pub / school / online conversations if you don’t.

FIFA Ultimate Team
FIFA14 allows you to build a team that will play like a REAL team, not just a group of individuals. Some players have a better connection to others and so improve the overall strength of your team. These include real life team-mates, or players from the same country.

Pure Shot
EA has spent a lot of time to get this right. The new system allows you to add increased accuracy to your shots, including dips and bends. Be prepared, to master it properly will take time.

In general things have been tightened up; the menu navigation is slicker and cleaner the way the players move is smoother, and there are more stadiums and official licenses than ever before.

Some people are calling it the best Footballing game ever, and while it’s still too early for me to fully rate FIFA14, but all the signs are good so far.

For more info visit
EA FIFA Website http://unr.ly/11aIXd3
EA Sports FIFA Facebook Page http://unr.ly/11aIXd5

This post is sponsored by EA but all thoughts are my own

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