Gaming: Jeremy McGrath Offroad

I wasn’t sure what I was in for when I first loaded up this one, it’s a psn title, so I wasn’t expecting to find the next Forza, Drift or Gran Tourismo, but if I’m honest, I expected more than what I got.

Don’t take this entirely as a bad thing though.

Jeremy McGrath Offroad Review

What I actually experienced here was a trip down memory lane, I instantly felt like a child again. It was just like playing Sega Rally Championship on the PC or at an arcade. That’s the graphical style down to a tee, outdated yes, but tried and true.

And this is where I’m stuck, if I was writing this purely on how it made me feel, it would deserve a solid 7, but if I’m honest, there were just a few too many things that niggled at me. One of these niggles is that normal difficulty is REALLY easy, but the next step up is a HUGE amount harder. Also, the way you improve cars really leaves something to be desired.

Jeremy McGrath Offroad Review

So where do I stand? If you’re seriously into racing games, it’s not really worth much more than the nostalgia, but I think most people would get a good bit of play out of this.

Publisher: Reverb Communications, Inc.
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