Real Estate – Atlas

New Jersey natives Real Estate and their ‘things are alright but could definitely’ mind-set, have provided the soundtrack to many a barbecue for a good few years now. On ‘Atlas’ their third record out, the masters of docile-rock stick close to familiar paths, but there’s still a spring in their step…

Film Review: 009 Re: Cyborg

In the west, we got Lee Majors, who for 10 minutes back in 1970-whatsit had impressionable teenage boys dreaming of possessing their own bionic biceps and pneumatic nipples. In Japan, meanwhile, the man-machine entertainment option bar none was provided by Cyborg 009, an epically long-running manga and subsequent anime created by Shotaro Ishinomori.

Darwin & The Dinosaur: Romulus

Darwin & The Dinosaur are, apart from being one of the most fabulously titled bands ever are a five piece outfit from Flush The Fashion’s very own hometown of Norwich. With 3 releases already behind them ‘Romulus’ is their latest offering.

Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience

So is ’20/20′ any good? Well it’s classy, there’s no doubt about that. It’s probably what’s to be expected from a 32 year old high roller rarely seen in anything but a ‘Suit & Tie’ these days. A look he wears so well he wrote a song about it, accompanied with a video directed by the aforementioned David Fincher.

Eon Altar preview

Eon Altar is a five player iOS, Android and Windows 8 game that allows one tablet to be used as the board, whilst five other devices are used as each player’s character sheet, allowing you to dynamically alter your character, equipment, stats, etc – whilst the main game continues on the center tablet.

Film Review: In the House

The title might call to mind a Queen Latifah comedy bomb-in-waiting, but In the House is actually the brand spanking new movie from writer-director François Ozon, the Gallic stylist who previously served up Swimming Pool, 8 Women and, most recently, battle-of-the-sexes farce Potiche.

New Kick Ass 2 Trailer

Here is the new trailer for Kick Ass 2 – the new movie stars some of the original cast, including Chloë Grace Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, with the addition of Jim Carrey and Leguizamo, could be good!!

Gaming: Jeremy McGrath Offroad

What I actually experienced here was a trip down memory lane, I instantly felt like a child again. It was just like playing Sega Rally Championship on the PC or at an arcade. That’s the graphical style down to a tee, outdated yes, but tried and true.

Movie Review – Compliance

Based on real-life events in America in which a ‘prank’ call would lead to cases of assault, Craig Zobel’s film raises a lot of questions and pushes a lot of buttons, but it is a remarkable, frank, uncomfortable piece of cinema that demands to be seen.

Kvelertak with El Doom & The Born Electric and Truckfighters @ Stereo, Glasgow

As Kvelertak take to the high stage and the venue’s bathed in an icy blue glow nearly everyone in attendance is pretty well shitfaced (this is Glasgow on a Saturday night) but there isn’t even a hint of lethargy as wave after wave of energy and aggression sweep through the venue and threaten to tear the place asunder.

Live Review: Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats – The Garage, Islington

A few years ago, quite a few in fact. I was baby-sitting my little sisters while my folks were out meeting friends. I was about 10, quite responsible, so don’t be phoning social services (it was the 70s, health and safety didn’t exist then), and ‘Salem’s Lot’ was on TV. The moment when the Nosferatu style vampire came straight up out of the floor in the police cell scared the shit out of me, and I never felt more alive.

Sightseers on DVD, we have 3 copies to give away

Win one of 3 copies of Sightseers Chris (Steve Oram) wants to show Tina (Alice Lowe) his world and he wants to do it his way – on a journey through the British Isles in his beloved Abbey Oxford Caravan.