Game Review: Trials Evolution

Following on from its predecessor 2009’s Trials HD, Trials Evolution brings more 2.5D barrel balancing, log leaping & fire dodging, motocross goodness.

Still keeping its original core feel, simple controls and some mentally insane tracks, Trials Evo isn’t just a quick entertainment fix. No sir (or madam), it’s a game to bring out your competitive side, your control skills and maybe some “Hulk” like tendencies.

Red Lynx- Trials-Evolution

The metamorphosis through the years has seen improvements to both the graphics and game play, pushing the boundaries of physics, awesomeness and the just plain crazy.

Trials Evolution tests your abilities (at least to start with) on relatively simple obstacle courses and tracks, but as you make your way things get tougher, and the determination to succeed becomes stronger. That is unless you see green, rage quit and sit sulking in the corner.

Online you can compete with 3 other human riders, and a big part of the fun is building and sharing your own personal tracks and customising your bike and rider.

Congrats to Red Lynx and Microsoft Studios for bring something truly epic to the table and I hope they continue to work together on future projects.

Nine out of 10At 1200MSP, it’s available to download in the XBL Marketplace and is simple enough that anyone to play (yes, even my 3 year old can complete the beginner courses).

Platform: Xbox 360 (XBLArcade: 1200MSP)
Developer: RedLynx
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
PEGI/ ERSB: 12/ E10+
Release Date: April 18th 2012

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