The New Devils In Cider

There used to be two types of people who drank Cider. Fifteen year old kids hanging round the back of the Co-op and Seaside tramps with hairy ears and big holes in their t-shirts.

Then one day a few years ago someone came up with the idea of pouring cider into half a glass of ice on a Summers day and the world took notice. The flood-gates were opened and Cider was everywhere and its popularity has increased ever since.

Just as the mirco-brewery industry has revolutionised craft beers, a whole generation of Cider makers are popping up with new ideas and flavours to excite and tantalise. Here’s two of the best…



Developed by twins, Ben and Dan Ritsema, Cranes is the worlds first premium cranberry ‘cider’. It’s 100% natural, high in juice and low in calories, thanks to stevia leaf which is 30 times sweeter that sugar. Available in 3 flavours, Original Cranberry, Raspberry & Pomegranate and Strawberry & Kiwi each has it’s own distinct personality. My favourite is the Raspberry & Pomegranate tongue-twistingly sharp and fantastic served ice cold.

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Orchard Pig

A different kettle of fish is Orchard Pig, this Merry band of West Country bumpkins have been sloshing around near Glastonbury with some fine draft Ciders for some time now. Finally they’ve spread their pig-wings and made finest creation ‘Reveller’ available in good old fashioned cans. In order to publicise the event they built a giant cata-pault in which to fire the cans from, to… yes, you guessed it, make pigs fly.



I’m willing to forgive the marketing cliche this time around as the cider is sooooo good. With a tangy hint of limes, it’s not as fizzy as you might expect, but all the better for it.

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