Sponsored Video: International Delights Iced Coffee: ‘Have A Delightful Day’

ok, I have to honest I LOVE Iced Coffee, especially this time of year.

However, and I don’t want to sound like a grumpy old man, but there are tons of things that irritate me about chained coffee houses. Here’s just one example. The other day I ordered a coffee at our local place (I won’t mention the name in case they sue me) and and as it was busy, I sat down at a table that had yet to be cleaned up.

Rather than bother the staff I went over to the condiments table and grabbed a couple of napkins and proceeded to clean the mess. As I wiped the table a member of staff came over and severely told me off for using the ‘expensive’ napkins to wipe up coffee! She was so annoyed, I thought at one point she was going to give me detention.

I was tempted to mention the millions of pounds her employer was saving using tax avoidance schemes, but in the circumstances decided discretion was the better part of valour and kept my head down.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on cream. At the order station, when they ask if I want cream or not, I always say I’d like ‘a small amount’, which considering they were offering me a lot of cream you would think is a reasonable request. Not so. You can have ALOT of cream, or NONE. Any deviation from these amounts results in a mind-melting breakdown on the part of all the staff and I ALWAYS get either none of a lot. It seams in the world of coffee chains there are no half measures.

So this is when I tell you about International Delight Iced Coffee, an iced coffee available with all the flavour benefits of visiting your local chain, but without the hassle and problems associated. (not too mention the expense). In the promotional video (below) they highlight another of the other common hazards. Incidentally I always use a fake name when ordering (the stranger the better).

Also why is it always me standing behind the person ordering the double-de-caff-latte-extra-skinny with cinammon with extra cream?

This post is sponsored by International Delight Iced Coffee but all thoughts are my own.