The Many Tastes of Whisky at Jackson & Rye

Hidden in the city, on Old Jewry, Jackson & Rye looks pretty friendly from the outside, and it is gaining a reputation as a place to get some seriously hearty, home cooked American grub.


Upon entering, the atmosphere, chilled lighting and booths lend themselves to a very sociable vibe. After all, after work American nibbles and drinks- what’s not to like?

However, along with the bottles of fizz and cocktails, it also has a very impressive selection of whiskies. Eight of which I sampled on the new Wednesday Flight Night, and lived to tell the tale!

jackson-rye soho whisky

It’s no secret, I am partial to a whisky. Usually mixed with ginger, and have no brand loyalty- whichever one that is a double for single in Happy Hour! But Flight Night at Jackson & Rye is hoping to educate whisky fans on the nuances of our American cousins, and the fine Rye they produce.

As an accompaniment to food, or to appreciate as a chaser, the Wednesday night Flight Night will be offering tasters who have a deep and earthy palette, who will love the peppery spice, through to smoky shots with a kick, sweet lovers will love the butterscotch, honey and banana flavours, and of course, there is the more traditional East Coast American Bourbon.

With super friendly staff on hand to advise you, I was tempted to pick my favourite as being the bottle I liked best! And that has nothing to do with the fact I tried eight different brands (honest).

Whiskey connoisseur me? Hmmmm, I’ll just have to go back and test my knowledge on another day….

jackson-rye soho

Flight Night available for £9.95 at all Jackson & Rye brasseries across London, and is highly recommended with some indulgent American food.

Jackson & Rye.
56 Wardour St, Soho, London W1D 4JF
Phone: 020 7437 8338

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