The Top 10 Step Up Sequences

There’s no denying that the Step Up films have some pretty impressive routines and we’re looking forward to even more when Step Up 5: All In is released on 1st August. Here’s our rundown of the top 10 Step Up sequences.

10.The Club – Step Up
This fun scene introduces the romance between Tyler and Nora and is one of the first big dance scenes of the series. At first Tyler finds it hard to get involved but is soon showing off his freestyle skills to a packed dance floor.

It’s a big ensemble number, as everyone already seems to know the moves!

9.Subway Prank – Step Up 2: The Streets
This would definitely make the daily commute a lot more interesting. The only way to enter The Streets is to carry out a prank. The routine really surprise fellow passengers and they also manage to evade the police stopping their fun as they run through the terminal.

8.Park Dance Battle – Step Up 3D
This routine happens purely by accident. Moose stumbles upon a dance battle and ends up beating Kid Darkness. The scene sees Moose perform robotic actions and dancing across the park benches and the fountain ending with a colourful balloon finale.

7.Suit Up – Step Up Revolution
In protest to development plans that will destroy members’ homes and careers, The Mob perform a series of protest flash mobs, but this is definitely the most slick. At first they appear to be just irritating other workers, standing completely still and blocking people’s way. However they soon realise that a flash mob is taking place, with even more streaming down the escalator, performing a perfectly executed routine.

They do however make quite a bit of mess with the newspapers…

6.NYC Streets – Step Up 3D
Harking back to old school musical numbers, Moose and Camille perform a routine through the New York streets, to a remixed version of I Won’t Dance by Fred Astaire, making use of the street scene and props around him, such as bin lids.

The routine begins with Moose dancing alone, and slightly embarrassing his friend, but soon Camille joins in and the two dance in sync.

5.Showcase – Step Up
The final scene of Step Up depicts the themes of the film, and the contrasting lives of the two characters, Tyler and Nora, first performing their separate dance styles, before combining. Tyler’s break dance sequence is the show-stopper but the lifts are also a highlight.

4.Trampolines – Step Up 2: The Streets
Tyler makes a reappearance in the second Step Up, challenging Andie to a dance-off at The Dragon club. The battle is impressive, but it’s the use of the trampolines that really turns it up a notch.

3.Art Gallery – Step Up Revolution
This is a really beautiful scene and combines various dance styles with acrobatics as the Mob performs throughout the Miami Museum of Fine Arts. However, it’s the ballet routine in the darkness that steals the show.

2. Mob Finale – Step Up Revolution
The big finale to the protest mobs, the group tackle the actual development site and they’ve saved the best till last. The routine has everything, from props, to stunts and acrobatics (they frequently jump off the containers) as well as plenty of surprises, all against the backdrop of Los Angeles.

Even the police can’t help but get involved.

• Rain Dance – Step Up 2: The Streets
Possibly the most iconic routine from all the four films, the crew don’t let a bit of flooding affect their routine in The Streets, in fact they make the most of their surroundings.

The routine is full of robotics and has an almost electric feel to it, particularly between Andie and Chase.

Catch the next installment, Step Up 5: All In, in cinemas on 1st August!

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