Tips for Packing Lingerie for Your Summer Vacation

Do you have a summer vacation that you’re dreaming about, planning, and about to start packing for? If so, you don’t want to leave out any essentials or pack things incorrectly in your haste to get away, especially after the last few years of having to stay home a lot more than usual. 

While most of us concentrate on the clothes we’ll pack, we also need to ensure we have enough and the right lingerie with us while away. Here are some tips to help you get this packing done effectively.

Consider the Outfits You’ll Be Wearing and the Weather

Firstly, pick lingerie that will suit the various outfits you’re packing. Choose your clothing options first, and then select undergarments that will sit well under these pieces. For example, if you’re packing tight, white pants, you’ll want a nude-colored thong or seamless brief to go underneath, so don’t just pack panties in dark colors. If you’re going with your partner, make sure you pack some sexy lingerie too!

If you have any off-the-shoulder or strapless tops you’re taking away with you, you’ll need a strapless bra for underneath them or some of the handy stick-on bra solutions. Also, you’ll likely want to pack at least one t-shirt bra to go underneath form-fitting tees, so you don’t get annoying lines from lace or other materials underneath. If you plan to keep up your exercise routine while away, don’t forget to pack appropriate sports bras and comfortable bottoms to wear under your workout gear, too. 

Have Options for Day and Night

You’re probably heading somewhere for your summer vacation that will be hot and perhaps humid and sticky as a result. If so, ensure you have enough breathable cotton or bamboo, or other underwear options to wear during the days to stay cool and dry. It’s best to keep your sexy lingerie sets and other pieces made from satin and lace for nighttime when it’s cooler. You don’t want to get rashes or feel uncomfortable from wearing these materials in the middle of the day, especially if you’re out in the elements hiking, playing tennis, or otherwise feeling the heat. 

Also, having options for day and options for night makes it easier to wash items. It’s best to handwash lingerie wherever possible, which you can do in a hotel sink as needed. By having separate undergarments designed for wear at night, you can return from a busy day, rinse out the items you wore earlier, and leave them to dry while you wear fresh lingerie in the evening. 

Take Handy Laundry Powder Designed for Delicates

Speaking of washing your underwear, it’s wise to take some laundry powder away with you that’s specifically designed for your delicates. It’s better to use this than to give these more fragile goods to hotel staff to wash in an on-site laundry or to take to a pay-as-you-go laundromat service. Your items aren’t likely to be washed carefully at such sites and can be damaged in turn. 

You can purchase compact, made-for-travel sachets or small containers of laundry powder for delicates to use while away. Alternatively, take some of the solution you usually use at home and pop it in a travel-sized small tub with a safe, screw-on lid that doesn’t take up too much room in your carry-on or stowed luggage. 

Pack and Store Lingerie Carefully

Another key tip for packing lingerie for your summer vacation is to store it carefully in your bag and at your destination, provided you can unpack your items and leave them in one spot for a while. Padded bras can be hard to keep well-shaped in transit, so you might like to roll up your socks and place them inside the cups. Another option is to utilize bra organizers, although they do tend to be bulkier and may not be suitable if space is limited. 

If you have particularly delicate lingerie, layer tissue paper between pieces to keep fine fabric from wrinkling. Plus, keep your undergarments separated from other items in your suitcase so they’re less likely to get snagged on zippers or other sharp or sticking-out bits and pieces in your bag. Most lingerie is made from delicate fabric that doesn’t hold up as well as other clothing and needs more protection. When packing, it also helps to keep lingerie sets together so you’re not rifling through your whole bag to find a top or bottom when in a rush. 

Packing lingerie is an integral part of getting ready for a vacation that many of us rush. Follow the tips above, though, and you’re sure to look and feel better while away.