The Iconic Outfit Accessory That Won’t Go Out of Fashion

Let’s look at the movie stories of all time as told by shoes. Be it flat shoes, heels, sneakers or boots, shoes speaks volume about the owner. While perplexing characters have made you laugh or cry, their sense of fashion contributed a lot to their astonishing roles in the movies.

The following are the 10 iconic shoes and boots from the movie screen.

Dorothy’s Red Slippers in “The Wizard of OZ”
The Dorothy’s red slippers have dominated in the movies screens over the years. These shoes are likely to give its wearers a “no place like home” kind of feeling.

Christian Louboutin Red-Soled Pump
The sole of these shoes is just amazing. The red nail polish sole kills the look. The maker of the shoes just felt he needed to add something to the shoes to make them classy and right in time. He tried the colour, which worked out perfectly, to become one of the most iconic shoes of our time.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Blue Manolo Blahniks in “Sex And The City” Movie
Carrie Bradshaw combined her love for shoes with “something blue” for her wedding to bring out a magnificent look.

Beatrix Kiddo’s Sneakers in “Kill Bill”
The comfortable sneakers couldn’t look better on Beatrix Kiddo as she looked to take her revenge.

Mary Jane Shoes in “Alice in Wonderland”

The popular shoes in 1920, Mary Jane, graced the “Alice in Wonderland”.

Holly Golightly’s Low Stiletto Heels in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

As much as Audrey Hepburn loved wearing flat shoes, she killed the look with the low stiletto heels.

Claire Standish’s High Brown Boots in “The Breakfast Club”
Claire Standish made high brown boots popular after she pulled a killer look in “The Breakfast Club” movie with the boots.

Cinderella’s Glass Shoes

The glass shoes enabled Cinderella to make it to the ball and dance with the prince. She was later made a princess, a befitting position for a lady with glass shoes.

Black Loafers Worn by Jo Stockton in Funny Face
Audrey Hepburn attracted a lot of attention with black loafers on in the ‘Funny Face”, one of the greatest films she has ever starred in.

Vivian Ward’s boots in “Pretty Woman”
Julia Roberts’, Vivian Ward character, sense of style couldn’t go unnoticed with the thigh-high boots in “Pretty Woman.”

Why are boots popular?

Shoes have always been popular, but boots have become so in demand that someone could leave in yours by mistake after a party. It happens. No boots are more popular than Two24 handmade leather boots, the definition of craftmanship and quality manufacturing

There is a wide variety of boots. They’ve been popular since the days of Julia Roberts, who starred in “Pretty Woman,” over 20 years ago. At the time, the actress wore a vinyl thigh-high boots that complimented her looks. While the thigh boots went viral back in the day, they are back for ladies of fashion today.

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