The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Velvet

Velvet has definitely come shooting up the fashion rankings as of late. It feels like every single shop now sells velvet dresses, tops, trousers – and goodness knows what else. It’s an interesting fabric that can either look phenomenal or ghastly. How do you ensure you don’t make a fool of yourself when wearing velvet? Well, it all comes down to a few dos and don’ts…

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Don’t wear a full-velvet outfit

Velvet works well when it’s just part of your overall outfit. For example, you wear a velvet jumper with some nice jeans. Where people go wrong is that they get consumed with their love of velvet to the point where their whole outfit is covered in it. It’s a bit like wearing double denim; it may seem like a good idea at the time, but you’ll most certainly regret it the moment you look in the mirror. Where velvet is concerned, you should keep it quite tame; don’t wear velvet tops with velvet jeans!

Stick to deep, dark, colours

You can find velvet in a range of different colours, but one top fashion tip is to stick to quite deep and dark ones. As you can see on Dalston Mill Fabrics, a lot of velvet fabric comes in black, deep purples, dark blues, intense cherry-coloured reds, and so on. Yes, you will get some lighter options, but the dark colours work the best. They bring out the natural appearance and almost shiny look of velvet a lot better than lighter ones. So, the next time you want to buy a velvet item, keep it dark!

Wear it as a dress

Sure, you can wear velvet jumpers, velvet hoodies, and even velvet joggers. But, where it really comes out as a brilliant fashion trend is when it’s worn as a dress. Those of you with eagle eyes and great memories will cast your mind all the way back two paragraphs ago. I said you shouldn’t wear a full-velvet outfit, but doesn’t a dress technically classify as such? In this case, there’s an exception because you’re only wearing the dress. There’s no double-velvet action going on, so it’s acceptable! Velvet works so well in dress form because of the appearance of the fabric and the classiness it generates. Give it a go if you want to make a change from the usual maxi or mini dresses you wear.

Always buy smooth velvet

Whenever you purchase velvet, make sure it’s smooth. You’ll know this by, well, stroking the fabric. If it’s got a rough feel, then it’s usually poor quality and won’t look good or last long. If it feels smooth and luxurious, then you’re buying something that will retain its velvety look for a long time and feels gorgeous.

I wrote this post because velvet is definitely one of the trending things in fashion right now. It can be difficult to get the hang of it at first, but once you learn how to wear it, velvet is stunning. Follow my advice, and you’ll know precisely what to do.

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