London Fashion Week 2015 – Backstage and Catwalk SS16 collections (Part3)

London Fashion Week 2015 was a celebration of new designers and Kai Rocha was on hand to capture the best of the new talent. Here’s the last collection of her fantastic pictures from London Fashion Week 2015. Click here to see More of Kai’s photos >

On Off Presents Show 4

Ones to watch Backs 1

Ones to watch Backs 2

Ones to watch Runw 1

Ones to watch Runw 4

Ones to watch Runw 9

Rohmir showed ancient oriental patterns and structures and strikingly flowing fabrics during her S/S 16 Showcase

Rohmir Backst 3

Rohmir Backst 5

Rohmir Runw 1

Rohmir Runw 3

Rohmir Runw 8b

Rohmir Runw 11

Details in the backstage of the Sabinna S/S 16 Collection are a dazzling note of feminity and comfort.

Sabinna Backs 3

Sabinna Backs 2

Sabinna Backs 4

Sabinna Backs 5

Sabinna Backs 6

Tropical patters and Latin femininity were the theme of Teresita Orillac’s S/S16 Collection

Teresita Orillac Backst 2

Teresita Orillac Backst 3

Teresita Orillac Backst 4

Teresita Orillac Backst 5

Teresita Orillac Backst 12

Teresita Orillac Show 1

Teresita Orillac Show 4

Models prepare for their final show on the 2nd Day of London Fashion Week’s Fashion Scout event.

Zeynep Backs 10

Zeynep Backs 9

Designer Zeynep Kartal showed an intricate collection for her S/S 16 Collection and LFW’s Fashion Scout London

Zeynep Runw 9

Zeynep Runw 12

Zeynep Runw 15b

Zeynep Runw 14

Backstage at Asli Polat’s S/S 16 Show

Asli Polat Backst 1

Asli Polat Backst 9

Asli Polat Backst 10

Asli Polat Backst 11

Asli Polat Backst 12

Asli Polat’s S/S 16 collection was a delicate show on a field of grass and daisies

Asli Polat Show 2

Asli Polat Show 10

Inspired by futuristic glam and feminity, Clio Peppiatt was a glittery and glam showcase

Clio Backs 2

Clio Backs 4

Clio Backs 5

Clio Backs 8

Clio Show 1

Manuel Facchini showed a flight inspired collection at S/S16 On|Off Show

Manuel Backs 3

Manuel Backs 2

Manuel Show 2

Manuel Show 3

Manuel Show 5

Manuel Show 10

Syed Nisar, Robert Wun, Marketa Martiskova, Caoimhe Mac Niece were the stars of the S/S 16 season at the On|Off Presents showcase

On Off Presents Show 22

On Off Presents Show 19

On Off Presents Show 12

On Off Presents Backst 5

On Off Presents Show 4

On Off Presents Show 7

On Off Presents Backst 2

On Off Presents Backst 1

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