Hottest Pieces for Spring 2021

2020 was a very quiet year for the fashion industry in terms of big bright shows, but a lot still happened in terms of trend development. This year has revealed some pretty stylish and bold designs to welcome in a new attitude and change. Large, in-charge blazers, sleek masks, and big bold bags have been dominating Instagram via fashion influencers and regular people like us who just want to feel trendy. Let’s take a look at exploring the hottest pieces for spring you can own in 2021.

THE Statement Bag

Big statement bags, like pieces with incredible details or bright colors have been trending for all the right reasons. Perhaps one of the most popular statement bags to own for the season is the Valentino Rockstud Spike, featuring a top handle that slides to the top of the flap which makes it look like altogether a different bag. The super chic studs look really modern, especially if they are carried with the top handle or just as practical as a cross body. On top of that, they are a huge investment that you’ll have literally forever considering the quality of the bags.

Bringing Sexy Back

During the spring, a low open back dress is a good choice because it combines well with a diverse range of silhouettes. An open back seamlessly translates to every design, regardless if it’s a full-skirted organza gown or a minimalist long-sleeved mini dress. If you want to find the best match of a plunging backline, you can consider as an exquisitely alternative using a piece that will show off your stunning back. You can play with this silhouette based on how comfortable you are showing off so much skin, you can opt for an oval shaped opening or go full on with just barely covering your rear end and tying the piece at the top with a delicate bow.

Masculine Trousers

Another hot piece to have during the spring is relaxed masculine trousers. Masculine trousers have versatile styling, comfortable fit, functional details, and Scandinavian chic colors like steel grey, black, or white for the summer. They are designed for function and extremely comfortable, which make them a perfect match for the spring break. These types of trousers are super comfortable too because you can easily wear sneakers with them or a t-shirt. 

Feather Skirts

Feather skirts is THE fun piece to look out for this spring! You can truly have a good time with this piece, find a feather detailed or all faux feather fluffy skirt and easily pair it with heels, combat boots or a balloon sleeved shirt. First seen by Prada a few seasons ago, this has kind of remained as a glamour signature piece for spring. 

These are some of the exquisite trendy pieces to look out for this spring. Find yourself some of these pieces and style inspirations but try to have fun with it above all! Fashion is something that should never be taken too seriously, so try to look at the bright side of it and have fun styling these great investment pieces.