Great Ideas for the Use of Embroidery

Finding a unique gift can be challenging. You want to get them something unique, but you also want to get something they will love. You want them to be pleasantly surprised, but you can not afford to spend very much.

People love embroidered gifts. Embroidery can enhance many different items. Learning to embroider can be difficult. It involves a skilled hand, and you may have to start over a few times. If you are trying to embroider something on an article of clothing, you will also need plenty of embroidery thread. 

According to the website, custom embroidery from Printful, there are computerized sewing machines out there that will perfectly stitch a design that you create. You can also buy something that is already embroidered. There are several different items that look fantastic with an embroidered design.


A hat with a team logo or initials looks great and makes an appreciated gift for the sports fans in your life. Team hats can be found in stores or online, and you can find wool hats and baseball caps with team logos on them.

Embroidered hats can show allegiance to a sports team or your team at work. Think about getting your family crest on a hat and giving it to everyone at a party or making one for all of the members of a wedding. There are companies that can print a hat for you, like on All you have to do is upload your design to their website, select a style of hat, and print it out. They will send you as many as you need whenever you need them.


Nothing looks better on a shirt than a little bit of embroidery on the lapel. An embroidered design such as a leaf on the lapel will dress up a plain white shirt. A small embroidered image of a lizard has made the Izod brand one of the most recognizable in the world. If you think of your own design, you can put it on the upper left corner of a shirt, just like the Izod alligator.

The better the material a shirt is made out of, the better your embroidered design will look. Embroidery thread is thicker than other kinds of thread, and it may pinch and weigh down a lightweight blouse or T-shirt.

It might be hard to stitch a tiny image onto a shirt.  An automated sewing machine can make flawless stitches and do so in just a few short minutes. 

Jean Jackets

Embroidery can turn a jean jacket into the most distinctive item in a person’s wardrobe. Does The person you are getting a gift for love rock and roll? You can get them a jean jacket with an image of their favorite rock star embroidered onto the back if they do. Is your friend a fan of cartoons?  If so, you can get their favorite Looney Tunes character embroidered on a jacket.

The back of a jacket is wide, and the possibilities for a design to put on it are virtually limitless. You can forget the pop culture and put an image of a famous work of art or something you draw yourself on the back of a jacket if you have the assistance of a computerized sewing machine. 

You want to get your friend or family members something they can use, that they will love, and that will make them think of you whenever they wear it. Whether you create a design yourself or buy something from a store, embroidery turns anything into a fabulous one-of-a-kind gift.

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