Bridesmaid dress trends to watch out for in 2020

If you are looking to make your bridesmaids dress as fabulously as you, then there are certain top trends that you need to keep in mind. The bridesmaid dress needs to be perfect, and it just can’t be anything to get the job done.  

Bridesmaid dress trends to watch out for in 2020

The dress design needs to suit the silhouette of your best friend, and the overall appearance needs to be trendy for those perfect wedding photographs. For a comprehensive catalogue and design options, you should check out  And, without further ado, here are some of the trendsetters for the year 2020.  

Cowl necklines

One might argue that the cowl was a trendsetter back in the ’90s. But, let us assure you that this style is still trendy and they have made a comeback of sorts as a mainstay. This is one flirty neckline that goes hand-in-hand with the slip dresses. This design is perfect for a chic and minimalistic look if you are looking for that sort of aesthetic on your big day.

The shades of sapphire and blue

This color option is quite an in-thing if you are looking for trendsetters as far as bridesmaid gowns are considered. Sapphire blue is genuinely marvelous and vibrant at the same time, yet adds a touch of class and subtlety to the overall occasion. This color is the perfect palette when you are looking to balance the bold with the traditional. Not really leaning towards the darker shades, yet bold enough to make a statement, go for the sapphire blue shades and pair with jewel tones to set the regal and moody vibe.  

About hemlines

Mid-calf dresses or just below the knee are the ones that are trendy and in-vogue right now. If maxi and mini dresses are not really your thing, then midi hemlines are the ones you need. This is quite a demure choice which oozes class as well as adds tones of the retro look. The midi hemlines are perfect since your bridesmaids won’t have to worry about revealing too much or about a trip hazard while walking or dancing.

Halter necks are a great shout 

Sleeves and straps were trending till 2019, but off-late there has been a spike in the popularity of the halter necklines along with sleeveless mock styles. Halter necks are perfect for a formal look.

About structured silhouettes

For the perfect streamlined and clean look for the wedding, you can go for the structured silhouettes. Pair your structured silhouette dress with minimal embellishments for that perfect look away from the traditional flowy fabrics and chiffon iterations.

Satin & silk creations

If you want your bridesmaids to rock the shimmery look, then you can go for the satin and silk creations. This slinky fabric design has made a comeback and is quite the minimalistic look if you are into the trend. There is a common misconception that this is an unflattering fabric to wear, but the newer stylish wrap-around designs are incredibly forgiving.

Keep in mind these trendy options when you are looking for bridesmaid dresses.