Achieving Star-Level Status from Affordable Style

Film has always been an influential part of our culture. Most of us watch movies because we want an out-of-body, otherworldly experience, but film can also provide insightful social commentary and affect our perspectives. It is no surprise, then, that the imagery in films can have lasting impressions on the audience.

Films can open our eyes to new worlds, but they can also be fantastical. A number of movies we’ve seen feature lush, ethereal landscapes, flawless stars and starlets, and lavish clothing and jewels that most of us can only dream of. A good film knows how to ride the line between fantasy and reality, so it is understandable that many of us find the jewelry we see on the big screen as something that is unobtainable for the average person. A lot of the accessories we see featured may also seem very impractical for everyday life.

From the iconic Vivien Leigh brooch we see featured in Gone with the Wind, to the breathtaking replica we saw of The Hope Diamond in Titanic, films seem to feature a trend of large, eye-catching adornments with vibrant colors and unbelievable detail. In reality, many people prefer small, delicate accessories that prove durable and lightweight. These feature practicality and function in the real world over large, bold statement pieces. Larger pieces may be appropriate in certain occasions, but large pieces do not appeal to everyone. No matter what your taste level is, even if you can’t afford the high-priced items you see in film, it is possible for you to look like one of the stars by finding jewelry customized to your style.

Investing in the right jewelry does not have to be costly. A number of diamond stores San Diego, Atlanta, and other major cities offer can provide you with payment plans and exclusive deals. When shopping for jewelry, consider what suits you best and what kind of style you have. Do you enjoy the vivid statement pieces that you see in the movies, or do you prefer a simpler, minimalist style?

Is the jewelry that you’re shopping for meant to be worn every day, or is it something you only plan to wear for a special occasion? Think about what pairs well with the accessories that you already have. If you prefer something small and delicate, but worry about how long it can last, you can also explore options for insuring your jewelry when you purchase in-store. Most jewelry stores also offer restoration and repair services, so they can repair older jewelry at a rate that may be cheaper than buying a new accessory. Keep this in mind when shopping for new jewelry, as you may want to pair it with your old pieces.

One thing that sets modern jewelry apart from the things we often see featured in film is design. While most of the jewelry we see featured in the movies features classic designs that are surely unforgettable, the jewelry people wear in the present day is ever changing. We can still find the timeless designs from film in jewelry stores today, but most companies pride themselves on offering pieces with more simplistic, practical design. As technology in the modern world evolves, many of us value pieces that are stylish, but our focus is on the technical specs we can get from each item. We have smart accessories that offer us an array of functions, from acting as a PDA to sending messages and alerts. This type of jewelry may not appear as exquisite or as fantastical as what you see on the big screen, but it illustrates a dramatic shift in the way that we look at clothing, apparel, and design.

Some people may feel that they can never achieve the glamour and sophistication that they see featured in some of their favorite stories, but the reality is that this is just not true. While films continue to offer us new perspectives and inspire us, we have just as much influence on what we see produced in film. As newer films begin to emerge, they reflect the types of trends we see in fashion every day. Good film is all about emphasizing the overall feeling we experience from visuals, and that’s why looking and feeling like a star can be effortless when equipped with the right jewelry.