Car Review: Peugeot Partner Tepee Outdoor

Peugeot Partner Tepee review

I like cars like the Peugeot Partner Tepee Outdoor, they have bags of character and are much more exciting than your average run-of-the-mill family saloon. They are so flexible i’m not surprised more manufacturers have started to come up with their own versions.

The Tepee has personality, bags of it. It’s part family car, part van, you can remove the back seats for a visit to the garden centre, or take the whole family on a trip away in comfort. Based on Peugeot’s Tepee Van the driving position is nice and high, this means great visibility all round, and for a car with so much space inside it doesn’t feel too big or unwieldy to drive.

There is the diesel growl when you move off, but it never at any time feels like you’re driving a van. The HDi75 version we tried was nippy in low gears and while it handled well around the city it was also smooth on the motorway.

I read another review that said the car leans if you thrash it, but they were missing the point. If you are going to buy a car like this you are unlikely to be the sort of person who goes round ‘thrashing it’.

If you were, you would be buying (and crashing) something else.

Peugeot Partner Tepee review

Inside the trim is well constructed and solid, the rear sliding doors are a great feature, especially if you have passengers that open first and look second (like my mother-in-law).

Storage-wise with so many compartments and boxes around this vehicle you could lose a small child in one of them, or discover an ancient civilisation in another.

Fuel consumption is good too with the1.6 diesel engine capable of up to 53miles per gallon. With emissions at a very respectable 139g/km (identical to the Citroën Berlingo), it’s it’s very hard to pick fault with pretty much anything about this car.

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Prices for this car start at around £16,000, but if you can afford it, splash out and get the cruise control and Sat-Nav, both are excellent.

Bad points are few, but there is a round ashtray at foot level that could potentially be kicked out and in a freak occurrence roll under the brake (you can just take it out ).

And who thought of the name? Ten out of ten for originality, but whoever thought it up must be slightly bonkers! The best compliment I can give the Peugeot Partner Tepee Outdoor is to say when I got into my car all I wanted to do was get back in the Peugeot again!

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